Creating a Cannabis Business Social Network

cannabis business social network

cannabis business social network

Creating a Cannabis Business Social Network can help you gain more followers and create a digital communal space around your brand. By engaging in conversations on topics relevant to your industry, you can educate, entertain, and welcome new people to your niche community. Engaging in social community building can also help you promote important causes, build brand image, and build a positive reputation. Several platforms exist for building a social network for the cannabis industry.


Weldable is a social network for the cannabis community. It connects like-minded people, promotes cannabis as a lifestyle, and provides a platform to share news, events, and discussions. In addition to the main website, the Weldable app offers the ability to purchase and sell cannabis products directly from the social network. As the social media network grows, more people are expected to join. But what makes this one stand out from the rest?

Weldable allows users to follow brands they like and connect with customers through a centralized platform. The company is planning to list its stock on the Canadian Securities Exchange in the fall, which will attract more investors. Additionally, Willie Nelson is reportedly making his way to Canada and plans to distribute his “Willie’s Reserve” cannabis brand through LivWell. The future looks bright for cannabis businesses!

Leaf Wire

Leafwire is an online community for cannabis businesses. The site allows users to post content on its pages, and it also offers podcasts and live streaming. Members can also create groups to share their content with others. Users can search by type, company location, and stage of raise. The platform also offers news and resources for the cannabis industry. For businesses, Leafwire is an excellent resource. However, if you’re not sure whether the social media site is right for your company, there are some things you should keep in mind before signing up.

While it’s important to post relevant content on social networks, they’re not required. In fact, they may not even be necessary if you don’t want to sell cannabis products. The best way to make use of social media for cannabis business promotion is to develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates the right platforms and practices. LeafWire is a good choice for cannabis businesses who want to reach out to a broader audience.


For those who are interested in the cannabis industry, Mink is a great option for networking and promoting your business. The Social Networking Platform has been established by Kenneth Tapp and currently boasts over two million users. Mink caters to both the cannabis industry and cannabis consumers, as the website includes a directory of weed dispensaries. Users can also join groups that are specific to their industry, such as those who work in the growing and selling of cannabis products.

In addition to networking with people who are interested in marijuana, Mink helps cannabis businesses build a digital community for their brand. The social network provides a platform to educate and entertain potential customers. In addition to facilitating connections and providing a platform for collaborating, Mink is a member of the Cannabis Club TV, a social network dedicated to cannabis. This social network allows members to stay connected with their peers and share cannabis-related news, ideas, and resources.


If you are new to the cannabis industry, you should consider joining CannaSOS, a cannabis business social network. It features an extensive database of marijuana product reviews and details on THC ratio and effects. It is also user-generated and consumer-based, with plenty of groups for cannabis enthusiasts and businesses alike. If you have any questions about weed or cannabis, you can ask them in one of the many forums.

With over 400,000 monthly visitors, CannaSOS is the leading cannabis business social network. It also features the largest database of cannabis strains and extracts and provides data on market demand. It has many features to appeal to the cannabis community, and it also includes forums, live chat rooms, and advertising opportunities. You can post ads for free and reach hundreds of thousands of people – a great way to reach a targeted audience.


The first public offering of MassRoots, a cannabis business social network, went live on the App Store on July 14, 2013, and it quickly attracted several thousand users. Despite being only a few months old, the company quickly became a hit, reaching several thousand users in a single week. Despite this early success, the company was initially rejected by several Silicon Valley venture capital firms, and Dietrich had to scramble to find a new bank.

In August, MassRoots reached half a million users and hundreds of millions of user-to-user interactions. In the first six weeks of its existence, the cannabis business social network began monetization and generated $60,000 in revenue. Its founders aren’t reinventing the wheel in this regard, and this success will surely be reflected in the future of the cannabis industry. Their goal is to help marijuana brands and dispensaries reach their target audience through a social network.

420 magazines

The 420 Magazine is a respected publication in the marijuana industry, and the forums on its website are highly active and informative. You can read hundreds of topics from the forum’s diverse user base. The community also offers a wealth of information on cannabis politics and legal issues. With over 150,000 registered members, this magazine is sure to attract a wide audience of potential customers. 420 Magazine has several benefits for cannabis businesses.

The social network features a feed of cannabis-related companies, and it allows users to connect and communicate with each other. It has also recently launched a forum to help members connect and discuss weed-related topics. This makes it a useful social network for both cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis business owners. Users can even share content on the website, such as cannabis news, to promote their products. As a result, this social network has become popular among the cannabis community.

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