Fiesta Mart Is Being Acquired by Grocers Supply

fiesta mart

fiesta mart

If you are looking for a market that caters to Hispanics, Fiesta Mart is the place to visit. Owned by Grocers Supply, this store has 63 locations across Texas, with most of its employees being Latino or Hispanic. This supermarket offers a variety of products from fresh fruits and vegetables to meats and seafood. They also offer delicious bakery items. If you are not sure how to pronounce Fiesta, here are some things to remember.

Fiesta Mart is a Hispanic-focused supermarket

Bodega Latina Corp., a California-based Hispanic food retailer, is buying 63 Fiesta Mart locations in Texas. The deal, which is expected to close by the end of the second quarter, will give Bodega Latina the largest Hispanic-focused supermarket chain in the United States. The deal will save workers and improve customer service, as both companies are focused on serving Latinos.

While Texas Hispanics has favored Fiesta Mart for decades, the chain has struggled in recent years to attract second and third-generation shoppers. In 2016, the company revamped its stores to expand their ethnic offerings. Moreover adding more ethnic foods, Fiesta Mart redesigned employee uniforms and incorporated a smoothie bar. In addition to the renovations, Fiesta Mart is opening a new Houston store on MLK Jr. Boulevard.

It is owned by Grocers Supply

The former distributor of supermarket chains, Grocers Supply, has bought Fiesta Mart, a grocery chain in the Texas gulf coast. The company has not disclosed financial terms of the deal. But the company says no job cuts are anticipated in the near future. The acquisition also implies the potential for further expansion. Grocers Supply’s parent company Associated Wholesale Grocers will continue to supply Fiesta stores. The deal also means Fiesta will continue to be supplied by Associated Wholesale Grocers, though the company may now work in partnership with Grocers Supply to expand its reach.

The deal was made in April 2015, when Acon Investments LLC acquired Fiesta Mart from the Levin family. Although financial details were not disclosed, the sale of the chain came about two years after Grocers Supply bought Fiesta Mart. This was after the latter’s acquisition of its parent company, Grocers Supply Company Inc., which has two other grocery chains in Texas. Fiesta Mart will continue to operate under the Carnival banner.

It has 63 stores in Texas

For decades, Fiesta Mart was a favorite among Hispanic shoppers in Texas. But in recent years, the chain has failed to connect with second and third-generation shoppers. So, the chain has revamped some of its stores with a broader ethnic selection, redesigned employee uniforms, and added a smoothie bar. But the chain still faces stiff competition. Its North Texas stores have seen a decline in market share for the last five years.

A recent acquisition has brought the grocery-store chain into new ownership. Fiesta Foods has acquired Grocers Supply. Although the financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, Fiesta says it is not cutting jobs. But the company has hinted at the potential job creation. The company will continue to get supplies from Associated Wholesale Grocers. Fiesta Mart is owned by Acon Investments, a Washington-based private equity firm. The deal is subject to regulatory approval.

Its employees are mostly Hispanic or Latino

For years, Fiesta Mart was a staple in the Neighborhoods Of North Texas. Its employees were predominantly Hispanic, and it served delicious, hot-cooked meals. While the chain has lost market share to larger, more profitable competitors, it continues to cater to the Hispanic community. It offers a variety of products from discount jewelry and grocery to banking and independent stores. Additionally, the company also operates Fiesta Liquor Stores, which only sells alcohol.

The chain has been marketing to Hispanics for 30 years. They advertise heavily in Spanish and staff their stores with Hispanic employees and managers. As a result, Fiesta has gained a reputation as a trusted store for Latinos. Many Hispanic residents move to the area and search for neighborhoods with a Fiesta Mart. The company is also committed to expanding its footprint in the U.S. through new stores and acquisitions.

It celebrates food every day of the year

In the Houston market, Fiesta Mart is one of the leading specialty and international food retailers, with more than 70 stores across the three Texas markets. Its focus is on global foods, and quality, value-priced perishable products. In Austin, Fiesta mart specializes in Mexican food. The company is known for its multicultural, international atmosphere, and wants to cater to millennials’ cultural households.

The chain focuses on catering to the Hispanic market by offering ethnic and conventional groceries. The store will open a South Richey location on January 11, which features a Scratch Bakery and expanded product lines. A full-service Carniceria and traditional home-cooked meals are also available. While the company focuses on food, the store is also a place to shop for clothes, electronics, and other necessities.

It offers a one-stop shop

For the Hispanic market, the Fiesta chain is an excellent choice for a one-stop shop. These stores typically include independent businesses, discount jewelry stores, and even banking. Some Fiesta Marts even operates Fiesta Liquor Stores, where only liquor is sold. The stores’ layouts are designed to be easy to navigate. And all of them offer hot-cooked meals.

Several Fiesta Marts also has pharmacies as part of the grocery stores. The pharmacies are run under a franchise agreement with Medicine Shoppe International. Two of the pharmacies are free-standing kiosks and are owned by two franchisees, one of whom operates four stores and is a pharmacist as well. The pharmacies range in size from 30,000 to 100,000 square feet. The Fiesta Mart stores are also located in the suburbs of Houston.

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