Kelley Blue Book – The Trusted Resource For Used Car Values

Kelley Blue Book - The Trusted Resource For Used Car Values

Kelley Blue Book - The Trusted Resource For Used Car Values

The Kelley Blue Book Company publishes information on the price of new and used cars, automobile trade-in values, and car ratings. Their website allows you to get all this information at one location. It has been rated the number one automotive information site by Nielsen/Net Ratings for eight years, and it is the most visited auto site by J.D. Power and Associates. The company has an extensive online database of used car values.

Les Kelley’s Blue Book of Motor Values

A reliable guide to car prices, the Blue Book of Motor Values is a trusted resource for consumers and dealers alike. Kelley first began publishing a newsletter in 1926 that was distributed to bankers and other dealerships. His list quickly became a valuable resource, and dealers used it to determine the prices of their vehicles. In the years following, Kelley’s list became a worldwide reference for car prices.

The company evolved into the Kelley Blue Book in the 1970s, and today, it is the largest automotive reference in the world. Les Kelley founded the Kelley Kar Company, a company that produced the first Blue Book. The company expanded their offerings to include consumer value guides, publishing a consumer version of the Blue Book. This edition quickly became a best seller, and Kelley entered the era of the Internet with the purchase of CDM data and CDM Dealer Services.

The company’s process for determining used car values

Kelley Blue Books’ process for determining used car values is based on a proprietary editorial process. They publish prices on several scales based on the type of vehicle and its condition. The process also takes into account the trade-in value and suggested retail price at automaker-affiliated dealerships. For example, the Suggested Retail Value of a vehicle is the suggested retail price if it were to be sold privately.

NADAguides and NADA use a single classification called “Clean Retail,” while Kelley Blue Book provides specific values for various regions and types of vehicles. The NADA Guides do not include private-party sales and use a single classification called “Clean Retail.” The NADA site uses a similar classification, but doesn’t show values for private parties. However, the NADA site is owned by J.D. Power.

Its reputation as a trusted resource for car shoppers

If you are shopping for a new car, Kelley Blue Book has earned the title of “The Trusted Resource” for a good reason. The company provides unbiased reviews and valuable information about new cars, and its reputation as a trusted resource has increased as it has expanded its services. Kelley Blue Book has been reviewing vehicles for nearly a century, and their research is backed by millions of transactions and queries from real shoppers. They have also been awarded for their consumer reviews, and have won numerous awards and “Best of” lists.

The company’s Fair Market Range is based on a complex process that takes into account real-world prices of used cars, market conditions, and local sales. This formula takes into account actual transactions and price trends and is constantly updated by analysts and researchers. However, it does have some issues, including delays in assessing prices and the tendency of consumers to overrate the value of their own cars.

Its certification program for certified pre-owned vehicles

The Kelley Blue Book certification program for certified pre-owned vehicles covers 153 key points of the vehicle’s mechanical integrity. It includes a comprehensive mechanical inspection of the powertrain, as well as the reconditioning of seals, gaskets, and other components. Certified vehicles also come with a limited powertrain warranty and trip interruption protection, as well as other benefits. You can trust your car to a reputable company and enjoy a warranty that will last you for thousands of miles.

Most certified pre-owned vehicles have not been involved in a major collision. Although dealers may check their records, you can often return a vehicle if you are not satisfied. In addition to ensuring that the vehicle has a clean record, many certified programs offer special financing that will be comparable to financing a new car. Be sure to know your credit score before you purchase a CPO car, so you can weigh your financing options carefully. You should also make sure you’re carrying car insurance when you buy a used car.

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