Pants on Fire – Is it Really Real Raw News?

Real Raw News

Pants on Fire - Is it Really Real Raw News?

After the Capitol insurrection in February, the Pants on Fire story received heightened attention. According to Zignal, which tracks hashtags and mentions, the false story was shared 20,000 times across Twitter. But is it real? How can you be sure? Let’s take a closer look. How credible are these sources? And is it really Real Raw News? We’ll answer these questions in the article below. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay informed by following us on social media.

Michael Baxter

There are many conspiracy theories floating around online, but do you know the man behind Michael Baxter’s Real Raw News? The former news anchor and TV personality ran three other websites, all with YouTube channels, and promoted numerous far-fetched conspiracy theories. While his real name is Michael Baxter, he actually goes by Michael Tuffin. Baxter reportedly lives in Texas, but he has also lived in New York and Texas.

Michael Tuffin

Real Raw News has been in the spotlight lately because of its controversy over censorship. While many other conservative media outlets have been accused of censorship, Tuffin has defended his website as a “nonpartisan, factual resource.” But his controversial statements have been met with a chorus of criticism. This article will look at why and how the site’s censorship has sparked outrage and whether or not it’s legitimate.

Unnamed sources

The real raw news website claims that Bill Gates has been arrested and is facing charges of bribing the FDA, profiting from vaccine sales, and masterminding a child trafficking ring with Jeffrey Epstein. However, this information is not backed by any evidence. It has also published a number of fabricated stories about prominent figures being arrested by the military. Michael Baxter, owner of Real Raw News, did not respond to requests for comment. The website publishes baseless stories about celebrities and high-profile politicians.

Credibility of sources

The Credibility of Raw News Sources is a major concern when considering the content of political events. Informed citizens are crucial for the functioning of a democracy. However, information available on the Internet is mostly illegitimate. Because of this, users must be careful when making political judgments based on what they read or hear on a site. Moreover, many raw news sources don’t have any documenting or documentation, which makes it more difficult to assess their reliability.

Bill Gates

A satirical publication called Real Raw News, written by Lasha Menteshashvili, has published several articles about Bill Gates. The articles contain fabricated facts and dialogues. One of the stories suggests that Gates’ daughter was responsible for poisoning her father. While the facts are disputed, the plot is not far-fetched. It’s possible that the author is trying to stir up controversy.

Tom Hanks

The “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” nomination was the first for the actor in almost two decades. It was also the first supporting actor nomination for the Academy Award-winning actor. But since “Cast Away” was the last time the actor won an Oscar, the star had been neglected. His talent has never spoken to audiences as persuasively as it used to. So what is the real story behind the Oscar nomination?

Bill Clinton

The latest piece of fake news circulating around the Internet claims that former President Bill Clinton is dead. This article is based on a QAnon conspiracy theory. This conspiracy theory claims that a worldwide cabal of Satanists, cannibalistic child sex traffickers, and other fringe groups are conspiring to bring down our beloved leader. The truth is much more complicated than this, but it is certainly worth reading.

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