It’s Raining Tacos

It's Raining Tacos

It's Raining Tacos

It’s raining tacos and kids love interactive games. With games like Dragons Love Tacos, Giraffes Can’t Dance, and It’s Raining Tacos, kids can learn about animal and plant life while singing. You can even play interactive sing-alongs while learning the song! The best part of all? You’ll get to sing along with your favorite characters!

Parry Gripp’s Flipnotes

It’s Raining Tacos, by Parry Gripp, is an interesting musical flipnote that features a song that’s a bit different from the typical pop tune. Despite the title, there is no plot to the Flipnote, which can be made using different segments of the song and using different characters. The Flipnote is one of the most popular Hatena videos on YouTube, and has even been uploaded to Sudomemo.

Survive the Disasters 2

The sequel to the popular’survive the disasters’ series is here: It’s raining tacos in the new Survive the Disasters 2! Featuring a new ranking system, players can compete against others to reach the top of the leaderboards and advance to the next level. Disasters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some of them varying in size and shape. In the original game, there were three types of disasters; however, the second game has forty.

Interactive sing-along

The interactive sing-along with Raining Tacos is an excellent way to keep your kids occupied while having a great time. Featuring YouTube sensation Parry Gripp, the song features a new twist on the classic theme tune. With the song, kids can chant along with the words of their favorite treat. Moreover, it can be played on loop, which keeps the homeless away from the lake pavilion patio.

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