Mr and Mrs Crab in Gainesville, Florida

mr and mrs crab

Mr and Mrs Crab in Gainesville, Florida

If you are looking for an authentic, delicious crab dinner in Gainesville, Mr. and Mrs. Crab is the place to go. They have several locations around the state, and are slated to open in Gainesville in May 2020. A pandemic delayed their March grand opening, and they only offered takeout. Despite this setback, the company managed to thrive during the crisis, and the restaurant’s founders credit the great attitude of their staff and the community’s support.

Grand Rapids restaurant

Located in the Winn Dixie/Lowe’s Plaza, Mr and Mrs. Crab is a new Grand Rapids restaurant that features a tropical theme. The restaurant is a good option for large groups looking for a casual place to eat. Long tables are available to accommodate large parties. The menu is varied, but the restaurant’s main attraction is the freshness of its seafood.

Mr and Mrs’s crab is located at 2739 Breton Rd SE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can call them for hours and pricing information, or view their menu online. Read some reviews from previous customers to get a better idea of what to expect at this local restaurant. You’ll find a wide variety of crab dishes at Mr. And Mrs. Crab, which comes with two sides (corn and potatoes), is a great choice if you’re craving crab.

Szechuan-Cajun fusion

Szechuan-Cajun melding is an exciting new style of Louisiana seafood cooking. The concept is based on the seafood boiled in Louisiana. Originally from Szechuan, the owners are well-experienced in the restaurant business. Adding Asian spices to traditional Cajun dishes gave them a distinct flavor and a unique taste. They serve a variety of Chinese dishes as well, including fried chicken, sausage and oyster gumbo, as well as a seafood boil.

Happy hour

If you’re looking for a great restaurant with affordable prices, try Mr. & Mrs. Crab. Located in Butler Plaza Central, the restaurant is known for its delicious seafood, friendly staff, and happy hour specials. In addition to the traditional clams, mussels, and shrimp, you can also get the crab as a boil. Happy hour is offered every day from 4pm to 6pm.

While dining at Mr. and Mrs. Crab, you can also enjoy some of their popular take-out items. During happy hour, oysters are only $3.75 per serving. throughout this time, select oysters are priced at only $2.50. During happy hour, a 3% restaurant surcharge is added to the bill, but guests can ask for it to be removed if they wish.

Weekly specials

Whenever you feel like a big seafood feast, visit Mr and Mrs Crab. You’ll find giant bags of seafood to share with friends or loved ones. It’s a Florida institution that allows you to eat your meal with your hands. Check out its weekly specials and grab a giant bag of crab, lobster tail for a delicious meal. And don’t forget to try the seafood boils – they’re a must-try!

The menu is filled with a variety of seafood, including clams, oysters, shrimp, snow crab, and blue crab. You can also find mussels and crawfish, and you can even choose from their bottled seasonings. You’ll never be bored at this Gulfport eatery. The restaurant’s friendly staff is well-versed in seafood preparation, so you’re sure to find the perfect dish to satisfy your appetite.


The owners of Mr and Mrs. Crab in Gainesville, Florida, have a background in traditional Szechuan cooking. The restaurant’s seafood is known for its freshness and affordability, and the friendly staff are a pleasure to deal with. The décor is comfortable and modern, and the prices are reasonable. Owners Tom McLaughlin and his wife Cathy are also partners in the business. The restaurant opened in June 2020.

The logo consists of a pair of interlocking clawed crabs. It is colorful and cheerful, and depicts the happy crabs with the spherical background. The restaurant’s name is featured below the logo. The logo is part of a larger project that will involve renovation and expansion. The owners are expected to spend $280,000 on improvements to the restaurant. They will replace the old partition walls with new ones, add new finishes, and upgrade the kitchen equipment.

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