Dragon Ball GT Characters – Android 18

android 18

Dragon Ball GT Characters - Android 18

You may be wondering about Android 18, the older twin sister of Android 17. She is a Time space Tournament player, a ruthless killer, and a servant of Baby. This article will answer these questions and more! In addition, you’ll discover how to find her in Dragon Ball GT. Here, we’ll look at her appearance, powers, and more! Read on to discover more about Android 18! Here’s a brief overview of what we know about her!

Android 18 is the older twin sister of Android 17

In the Dragon Ball series, Android 18 is the older twin sister of the original Android 17. The two are often confused by fans of the anime series. They are similar in appearance and seem to be similar in their behavior. However, they are different in many ways. Android 17 hates following Gero’s programming and believes that androids need purpose. That is why she decides to challenge Goku for entertainment purposes and ignores the rest of the Z Fighters.

Android 17 and 16 were raised together in a laboratory. However, while Android 17 loved being stronger, she hated being a robot. She was also taught not to be a robot and refused to merge with the Semi-Perfect Cell, as this would change her nature. As a result, she dislikes Dr. Gero, and finds it offensive to research human behavior. Android 18 also hates humans.

She is a ruthless killer

In the game, Android 18 has a few unique abilities that make her a formidable opponent. One of these abilities is the Power Blitz. This energy wave can be blue or pink and can be used against opponents in a rapid fire mode. Another technique that Android 18 uses is the Kienzan, also known as the Energy Disc Razor. This technique is one of her main techniques. This technique can be used against both human and robot targets and can be lethal in a single hit.

The second characteristic that makes Android 18 a dangerous opponent is her tendency to murder. She is often seen with the intention of killing a human or another android, and this trait is emphasized in her fights with Trunks and XXI. After the fight, she kisses Kuririn on the cheek. In addition, she searches for Goku at Goku’s house. Later, she searches for Kame-Sennin in the same house. There, she witnesses Android 17 and Piccolo fighting each other. She also offers to help Piccolo and Goku, which is when Android 18 becomes a major player in the series.

She is a servant of Baby in Dragon Ball GT

Although Sugoro is a servant of the baby, she doesn’t really have anything to do with the plot. The plot is mostly a boring way to extend the story, with little to add to it. It seems that the writers forgot which one of Baby’s servants she is, and spent too much time making sure we knew which one it was. Despite this, she does have some decent motivations.

Upon encountering the evil Gohan, Piccolo is saved by Buu. Baby is in Vegeta’s body and confronts Goku. Baby’s transformation has many parallels to the storyline. First, Baby is a body-hopping parasite. Later, she transforms into a wacky shoulder-wing form. In this form, she has long hair, much longer than Vegeta’s.

She is a servant of Krillin in Dragon Ball Legends

Known as ‘Android’, Android 18 is a servant of Krillun in the anime series. She’s the daughter of Majin Buu, a character from the Dragon Ball Z series. When Majin Buu was first introduced, Android 18 consented to marry Krillin and had a daughter with him. The two had an intense love and care for each other. However, Android 18 is a jealous character and is often seen pushing Krillin away from other people.

Android 18 has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is worn back behind her ear and she wears loop earrings on both her ears. She is first seen in a blue jean jacket and dark blue stockings. Later, she wears a black jacket, black gloves and brown boots. She is also seen wearing a gold-chain-encrusted blue jean jacket when living in Kame House.

She is the de facto femme fatale of Dragon Ball Z

The protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, and brother of Android 17, is a robot that rebels against her creator, Dr. Gero. While this action-oriented series is centered on Trunks and his son, Goku, the robots later start rebelling against their creator and destroy the planet. That leads to the emergence of the de facto femme fatale of the series, Android 18. She has faced many hardships throughout the series, and she has managed to overcome these challenges to become a beloved fixture of the Dragon Ball franchise.

The Androids’ hatred of humanity is not always evident in the show. Despite the fact that Goku is the favored target of Androids, the androids show little patience for humans. Goku often makes fun of them, and Android 18 is no different. She would never intentionally hurt anyone, but she will give him disapproving scowls if he bothers her.

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