Finding a Dog Park Near Me in New York City

dog park near me

Finding a Dog Park Near Me in New York City

There are plenty of dog parks in New York City, but which one is best? Here are a few suggestions: Cunningham Park, West 72nd street dog run, Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, and Washington Square Park. You can even find a dog park in your neighborhood that offers a poop bag dispenser. There are also garbage cans and poop bag dispensers, so you can keep the park sanitary.

Cunningham Park

If you are looking for a dog park near me, look no further than Cunningham Park. This large Queens park has everything you could possibly need for a fun day out with your dog. It features playgrounds, benches, and green space for picnicking, as well as a spacious dog run. Located in the southwest corner of the park, this area features separate sections for small dogs and larger dogs, as well as agility equipment.

One of the best features of this park is that it is almost completely shaded. You can watch your dog play while sitting on a bench. This area is perfect for puppies of all sizes and training levels, and it’s small enough to keep them close to you at all times. There’s ample parking for those who want to bring their pups. The dog park also has a baby pool and plenty of space to exercise in shade.

West 72nd street dog run

The West 72nd Street Dog Run is a large, off-leash park in Riverside Park. Located under the West Side Highway, it has separate areas for large and small dogs. It is fenced-in for security. There are plenty of benches and trash cans to keep the area clean. Dogs are allowed to play in the water, but this area does not have agility equipment. However, it is a great place to walk your dog or practice yogasanas.

The 72nd Street Dog Run opened in November 2004. It is sponsored by FLORAL and named after James “Jemmy” Madison, a founding father of the United States. The facility is clean and well-maintained, and has ample seating for humans. However, it is important to keep the dog area free from glass containers. Children should also stay with their parents or a guardian. This way, other canadians can enjoy the run as well.

Washington Square Park

There is a large dog park near Washington Square Park in New York City. The park is secured and has separate entry and exit gates for people and their dogs. To the east of the main dog park, the Robin Kovary Run for Small Dogs has an enclosure for smaller breeds. Both dog parks have drinking fountains, benches, and dog waste bag dispensers. If you’re looking for a dog park near you, Washington Square Park is one of the best options.

Located on the west side of the island in the center of Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park is a great place to exercise your dog. The area is fenced in with double gates and is spacious and sandy. Professional dog walkers love it for its easy access, ample area, and relaxed vibe. You’ll have to pay for parking and park a car, though. Washington Square Park is just 0.9 miles from downtown.

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

The 31st Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade will take place on Saturday, Oct. 23, at the East River Amphitheater in New York City. This annual event showcases the wittiest and cutest costumes, and is sure to give your favorite pup a fright! The parade is judged by CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis, so bring your camera! There are several prizes for the winners, including a cash prize!

Last year, the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade was moved online due to the pandemic that was gripping the city. Despite the inconvenience, the event was still fun and full of costumes. A blinged-out German shepherd in shades had the crowd’s attention. Another adorned a punk headpiece and a leather jacket. Meanwhile, a tiny pup in white sat in a red stroller, with a photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” gown.

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