Is Cider Clothing a Scam?

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Is Cider Clothing a Scam?

For a brief explanation of the craze, let’s first consider how it’s become a sensation. Cider has spawned several eponymous hashtags, including #sheinhaul, where people post their OTT clothing hauls for aesthetic and entertainment value. Cider is aimed at the aesthetic personality of TikTok users, and its clothes can be shopped by mood. That’s why the brand is a favorite among this niche audience.

Cider clothing is made-to-order

While it may seem like a no-brainer that Cider clothing is made-to-order, this drop-shipping website is actually a scam. The site offers clothing in an eclectic range of colors and styles. You can purchase everything from corset tops to flared trousers and Y2K jumpers. In fact, the clothing is so diverse that it could be confusing to decide which style to choose.

The company works with many designers from around the world to create a curated collection of apparel. The process is fast and efficient, and the brand’s clothes are known for being comfortable and smartly styled. Its clothes are often criticized as being too bulky for the average woman, but the fact that they are made-to-order makes this a great alternative to mass-produced clothing. It can take up to a couple of weeks to receive a new pair of jeans, for example, but the customer service team is friendly and helpful.

It takes 12 days to arrive

Shop Cider is a Hong Kong-based fast fashion company that sells clothes at affordable prices. While you may not be able to see Cider clothing on the catwalk, you can shop for the latest fashions online. With over two million Instagram followers, Shop Cider is popular on TikTok. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews of the company, so you’ll have to rely on word of mouth to determine whether Cider is for you.

Shipping times are typically around 10 days, including a processing period. Express shipping takes less time, but there are exceptions to that rule. You can choose to use a different shipping service if you need a faster delivery time. If you live in a country that doesn’t offer express shipping, the standard delivery time for Cider is 12 days. Plus size items are shipped separately from regular sizes. This makes the sizing charts confusing. Because Cider is targeted toward US Women, the average size of their clothing is a 16 and therefore a standard shipping time of 12-14 days can seem excessive.

It is unethical

If you’ve ever wanted to buy Cider clothing, you may have been confused by the enigmatic brand’s name. As a fast fashion brand, Cider prides itself on “celebrating smart fashion” and launching new collections quickly. The company does, however, implement mass production when demand increases, which is unsustainable. To be considered ethically conscious, Cider must disclose more information about its production and materials. Transparency is essential in ethical fashion, and this starts by disclosing more information about how their clothing is made.

Buying Cider clothing is not necessarily unethical, but it is highly controversial. The company has never stated how their raw materials are sourced or whether they are eco-friendly or humane. This lack of transparency leads to the possibility of poor quality products or other problems. In addition, Cider’s website has no information about whether or not the company’s apparel is ethically made. The company also fails to disclose whether its products were manufactured by children, or whether they were made by adults.

It copies independent designers

The online retailer Cider has been accused of copying independent designers and cultural appropriation. The company launched in October of this year, but is already under fire for using a drop-shipping method and using substandard materials. Since launching, hundreds of people have complained about ill-fitting clothes, delayed deliveries, and low quality products. Although drop-shipping is perfectly legal, consumers should be aware of the risks involved.

In many cases, designers do not know their designs are copied. Fast fashion is often unethical, and Cider does not disclose the conditions of manufacturing in the factories that make their garments. Since Cider collaborates with many designers and manufacturers from around the world, it is impossible to know exactly what is being done in the factories. However, because Cider does not disclose how the garments are made, it is likely that there are similarities, allowing designers to identify which designs are copied.

It uses fat tax

As an online retailer, Cider can be a risky bet. While its products are often fast-fashion brands, some people question how ethical Cider is. They have quirky tops, romantic lace dresses, and vintage corset tops, as well as bell-bottom pants. They even categorize their aesthetics into Y2K, vintage, and modern. But is Cider really ethical? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this company and whether they are a scam.

For one thing, Shop Cider’s sizing technique is a annoyance. The clothing is cute and flattering for average-sized women, but larger women may have a harder time finding a perfect fit. To become an ethical and sustainable brand, Shop Cider must make more effort to find out more about their fabrics and manufacturers. That’s a critical component of sustainable and moral fashion. But it’s worth the wait.

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