The Lifestyle Lounge

lifestyle lounge

The Lifestyle Lounge

Britt Waters visited The Lifestyle Lounge, a Prince George’s County salon owned by Amani Maisha. The salon provides workspaces, grooming services, and nail care. The owners offer a selection of organic skin-care products and have been around since 1996. Their goal is to cater to women’s changing needs. They also provide a range of nail treatments, including manicures and pedicures. Amani Maisha has created an environment for women to feel their best while at the salon.


Lifestyle Lounge is owned by AmAni MAISHA. The shop specializes in unique style and design for the fashion-conscious woman. It has a unique blend of Fast Fashion, Unique and Eclectic pieces, and is a tranquil environment. AmAni is also a life stylist who focuses on personal style, space, and grooming. She works with customers to help them look and feel their best.

AmAni MAISHA is a Personal Lifestyle Consultant and LifeStylist who has gained recognition and success in the Haberdashery and Barber industries. AmAni has won many awards and competitions, including a title as a Budweiser Female Barber Champion. She has expanded her services to include all types of grooming, from haircuts to skin care to make-up.

L’ifestyle Lounge

L’ifestyle Lounge is a forum for people to share their thoughts on life and love. Discussions here are not free-for-alls, however. Each thread must be relevant to the community as a whole and have a purpose beyond just conversation. Likewise, simple survey questions are not suitable for this forum as they promote a collection of answers without context. Instead, it is best to engage in discussion and problem-solving with others.

The yoga classes offered by Lifestyle Lounge are beneficial for the whole family, as it encourages self-awareness in children and builds self-esteem in adults. The classes are offered semester-long, and are geared toward establishing meaningful relationships among students and instructors. Some of the most popular classes include Ashtanga-inspired Breathe and Bend, asana (breathing and twisting), and Buddha Flow.


MooMoos is a virtual lifestyle lounge that mixes fast fashion with home decor and eclectic items. This virtual shop offers unique, eclectic, and new pieces from AmAni’s Closet to You. The lounge is available to the public via Vault 71. Here, you can discover a diverse selection of unique items, from designer to home decor to accessories. AmAni is a self-proclaimed closet-diva who has been making her mark in the world of fashion for the past five years.

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