Buff City Soap

Buff City Soap

Buff City Soap

In this article, we’ll look at Brad Kellum’s first foray into soap-making. Read on to learn about the company’s mission, growth, and scents. Then, decide whether Buff City Soap is right for you! Until then, enjoy the fun imagery and product descriptions below! You can even try the brand’s products for free. And don’t forget to leave some positive feedback!

Brad Kellum’s first soap business

In his early 40s, Brad Kellum sold his first bar of soap. At the time, Kellum was a fire medic in the Memphis fire department, but he wanted to pursue a more fulfilling career in a field that would not be too harsh on his growing body. He attended Whole Foods and picked up a bar of natural soap from the soap rack. This led to the creation of Buff City Soap, and the business has grown immensely.

Buff City Soap is Kellum’s first company, and it started as a small business in Brad’s garage in Memphis. He quickly outgrew the first storefront, and he opened multiple locations. The company eventually outgrew its initial location and needed to build a factory in Barlett. Now, Kellum is ready to franchise his soap business. In March, Kellum received over 500 franchise applications, and is looking forward to the next phase.

The company’s growth trajectory

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Its scents

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