Capital Grille – A Closer Look at the Capital Grille Wine List

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Capital Grille - A Closer Look at the Capital Grille Wine List

The Capital Grille is an American steakhouse and restaurant chain. Owned by Darden Restaurants, The Capital Grille has locations in the United States, Mexico, and Washington DC. The menu features traditional American fare with a twist. Located in the District of Columbia, The Capital Grille offers a wide selection of steaks and other dishes that are sure to please any palate. You can find a Capital Grille restaurant near you by visiting one of the restaurants below.


Whether you are planning a special celebration or just want to enjoy an exquisite steak and seafood meal, the Capital Grille menu offers something for everyone. In addition to an extensive beef and seafood selection, the restaurant offers pasta dishes, vegetarian options, and gluten-free choices. Founded by Ned Grace in 1990, The Capital Grille currently has over 50 locations throughout the U.S. Aside from serving high-quality steaks, the restaurant is also known for its award-winning chefs and wine cellars filled with world-class bottles.

The Capital Grille opened in 1990 and has since expanded to more than 50 locations across the country. The restaurant began out as a small operation in Providence, Rhode Island. Grace and his partners opened several other locations before selling it to Darden Restaurants Inc. in 2002. Today, Capital Grille has over 50 locations and is a publicly traded company with headquarters in Orlando, FL. The menu prices listed above are representative of average market prices for similar establishments across the country.

The Capital Grille menu features an array of steaks, including tenderloin and skirt. Both steaks are hand-cut, and the chef strives to make every bite a delight. The steaks, for instance, are aged for 18 days in the restaurant’s dry climate. Guests can also order the restaurant’s signature mini tenderloin sandwich, which features premium steak slices and caramelized onions. Both dishes are to-die-for flavors. If you’re looking for a romantic setting for dinner, Capital Grille offers a selection of delicious side dishes.


The Capital Grille is a chain of steakhouses located in the USA. You can find a location near you by searching by state, looking at a map, or by phone number and you can also look up the GPS coordinates of a particular store. You can find out more about each location’s menu and customer ratings by reading reviews written by other diners. The Capital Grille has nine locations in the United States.

The Capital Grille is a popular upscale American restaurant chain known for its traditional steakhouse fare. You can find Capital Grille locations in cities all over the country, including New York City and Washington, DC. The Capital Grille began in Rhode Island in 1990 as a business restaurant to attract business leaders. Since then, it has become a popular spot for local residents. The extensive menu includes choices for almost every diet and style.

Wine list

The wine list at Capital Grille boasts over 350 choices from around the world. The wine list features world-renowned labels as well as lesser-known labels on the brink of stardom. The restaurant has been recognized for its wine list with several industry awards, and the restaurant’s new app makes it even easier for patrons to order the perfect glass. Here’s a closer look at Capital Grille’s wine list.

Guests will experience a fine dining experience at The Capital Grille, a popular restaurant chain in New York City. Known for its hand-cut steaks and award-winning wine list, Capital Grille serves fine-dining cuisine seven days a week. While its upscale atmosphere may seem intimidating, it’s worth the effort. With over 350 world-class wines, guests can enjoy an excellent meal with a glass of wine.

The wine list at Capital Grille is updated constantly. Wine lovers can easily view the most recent wine selections with just a few taps. It also gives patrons a handy reference tool for pairing wines with food. This app also allows customers to manage their public Wine Lockers. And since the restaurant uses GPS to direct diners to their table, guests are assured that the wine list will be always up-to-date.


To recreate some of the delicious dishes of Capital Grille, you can follow these copycat recipes. They don’t follow the same exact cooking methods, but they do closely replicate their flavor and texture. This upscale chain of fine dining restaurants serves a wide variety of seafood, pasta dishes, and specialty items like lamb chops. You’ll also find an extensive wine list, which is worth checking out. To learn more about Capital Grille recipes, read this article.

Crab Cakes

If you’ve been craving a taste of Capital Grille crab cakes, look no further. You can make them at home! You can use a similar recipe, or adapt it to your own taste. Whether you’re on a diet or are just interested in how to make your favorite restaurant dish healthier, these recipes are a sure bet. And remember: the real secret to Capital Grille crab cakes is in the crab.

The Capital Grille’s Lobster and Crab Cakes have 410 calories and 7.6% carbs. With 15.2% protein, it’s a perfect choice for a filling appetizer. You can try other items from the menu, too, such as soy-glazed Brussels sprouts. There’s also a wide variety of meats available. Regardless of the meal, you’re planning, you’ll find something to please your palate at Capital Grille.

When making Capital Grille’s crab cakes, you should remember that the ingredients listed on the menu are not the same as those used in the restaurant. However, many of the same ingredients are used. First, mix together the crab meat and bread crumbs. Then add the basil and lemon zest. Mix everything well. Don’t forget to add the Old Bay Seasoning, as this will give the crabcakes the right flavor and texture.

Soy Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

This Soy Glazed Brussels Sprout with Bacon recipe is a perfect side dish for holiday meal planning. This recipe uses three cooking methods to produce an incredible taste and texture. The first step, blanching, cook sprouts slightly and helps to reduce the time it takes to fry them. After the sprouts are blanched, they are fried until crispy, forcing the leaves to separate and open. The soy glaze flows between the leaves. The dish is credited to the executive chef and partner of The Capital Grille, Gilbert “Gil” Suarez.

This recipe calls for both roasted and grilled Brussels sprouts. First, you need to prepare the bacon. Bacon is typically cooked partially in the oven before combining with Brussels sprouts. Once the Brussels sprouts are cooked, toss them with the sauce. To make the sauce, combine honey, rice vinegar, chili garlic sauce, and soy sauce. Using gluten-free bacon is a great option.

To prepare the soy glaze for Soy Glazed Brussels Sprout with Bacon, first heat a large saute pan or a medium saucepan to 350 degrees F. Add 2 inches of oil to the saute pan. When the oil is hot, add Brussels sprouts. Cook for 30 seconds. Stir in scallions, if using, and serve with scallion.

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The Capital Grille first opened in the Plaza in March 2001, in the space formerly occupied by Tesla and Williams-Sonoma. Today, it sits prominently on the corner of the Plaza. The building was originally constructed in 1902 and served as a grocery warehouse during prohibition. It features indoor and outdoor seating for 329 guests and offers a variety of private dining rooms. Become an Insider to get discounts and free gifts!

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