Little Caesars Menu

Little Caesars Menu

Little Caesars Menu

There are many reasons to visit Little Caesars. The atmosphere and pizza are unbeatable. You can even find vegetarian options on the menu. Listed below are a few things to look for when visiting Little Caesars. All prices are listed in USD. Read on to discover the best pizza in town. Whether you’re dining alone or with a group of friends, there is a pizza to suit everyone’s taste.


While you might be tempted to order the same pizza every time, prices on the Little Caesars menu can vary a lot. The prices are subject to change, so be sure to check out the latest prices before heading to your local Little Caesars. To check out the latest prices, check out the official website, or download the mobile app for your device. Little Caesars is open every day except on Christmas day. You can also call the restaurant directly for the most up-to-date information.

The price hike on a beloved Little Caesars pizza may sound like an outrageous move, but it’s a necessity to balance rising labor and commodity costs. The Hot-N-Ready pizza, first introduced in 1997, now costs $5.55, or about 33% more pepperoni than it did in 2001. Little Caesars CEO Dave Scrivano explained the price hike is necessary to offset the rising cost of commodities and labor. Pepperoni alone is now more expensive than ever, rising nearly 50% in the past five years, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Size of pizza

The size of pizza on Little Caesars’ menu is an important factor to consider when ordering. Most of these restaurants offer several different pizzas, so choosing the correct size can make all the difference in whether you end up with a tasty, or unappetizing, meal. Pizzas are typically sold by the slice, and the menu indicates the amount of toppings on each slice. The price range is reasonable, starting at $6 for a small pizza and going up to $13 for a large pie.

The standard 12-inch round pizza at Little Caesars contains eight slices. The large pizza usually has 16 slices and is ideal for feeding a family of three or four people. A rectangular “sheet” pizza at Little Caesars usually contains 24 slices. You can also order a larger pizza that’s eight inches wide. The smaller, square pizzas are generally not as large as the large ones. You can find a variety of pizza sizes on the menu at Little Caesars, including one that’s vegan-friendly!

Ingredients in pizza

While the ingredients in a pizza at Little Caesars vary, one thing is for certain: their dough is made daily from scratch. Instead of buying pre-made dough, they make their own, saving money and time. They also make their own breadsticks, which are a cheap ingredient. As a result, their prices are affordable, and their pizzas are popular and cheap. Read on to learn more about the ingredients in Little Caesars’ pizzas and why they’re so affordable.

While Little Caesars offers convenient pizzas, you might wonder about the nutritional value of the pizzas. Although Little Caesars offers pepperoni cheese bread and a plant-based pepperoni, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a healthy meal in their menu. However, you can make your own vegetarian or vegan pizza by adding veggies to the pepperoni. Just keep in mind that the pizzas served at Little Caesars are full-sized pies, so they are a good option for those who are looking for a quick meal.

Veggie pizza options

There are few vegan or vegetarian pizza options on the Little Caesars menu. The vegan pizza available on the menu is the Create-Your-Own. Customers can choose any vegetables they prefer and the sauce and cheese blend of their choice. This pizza is available in both the original crust and the thin crust options. Some US locations do not offer dairy-free cheese. It is best to contact the restaurant in advance to see what options are available to you.

The vegan Veggie Pizza at Little Caesars does not contain meat on the crust, but it contains vegan cheese and sauce. It also comes with a vegan side dish. You can also order a vegan beverage, but the vegan option is not the best choice for those with allergies to dairy. However, Little Caesars offers other vegan pizza options, like the Create-Your-Own Veggie pizza.

Price of Pepsi drink

The price of a Pepsi drink on the Little Caesars menu varies by location. You can check out the actual price at any location by checking the official website. You can also download the mobile app to check out the latest offerings at your favorite Little Caesars location. The price listed below is an estimate. The company has recently announced plans to open a new 8-story facility in downtown Detroit.

In honor of veterans, Little Caesars is running a special deal for a Free Lunch Combo. This offer is good for a free four-slice deep-dish pizza and a 20-ounce Pepsi beverage. Limit one per person. The offer is valid at participating Little Caesars restaurants and online. It will reduce the price of your ExtraMostBestest Pizza by 50%. You cannot use any other offer with this offer. You must order a Pepsi product with your order.

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