Dynatrace and Rack Room Shoes

rack room shoes

Dynatrace and Rack Room Shoes

Rack Room Shoes is an American footwear retailer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company operates more than 500 retail locations across 36 states under the Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse brand. The company offers a variety of shoes, boots, sandals, and other accessories. Its goal is to create an environment where customers can find the perfect pair of shoes at affordable prices. To that end, they are offering free shipping and free returns on all orders. To learn more about the company, please read on.


Rack Room Shoes uses Dynatrace to enhance customer experiences and increase conversions. Dynatrace provides a granular view of user interactions, including every touch, click, and bounce. Using Dynatrace’s Session Replay feature, Rack Room Shoes can analyze customer sessions in real-time to identify problem areas and develop solutions that will permanently improve customer experience. The company says it has seen a 25% increase in conversions since using Dynatrace.

Rack Room Shoes is an American footwear retailer with over 500 stores in 36 states. The company is a major player in the footwear industry. Dynatrace offers a number of benefits to online retailers, including a comprehensive view of user sessions, real-time analytics, and more. The technology improves site accessibility, customer experience, and overall performance. Moreover, it makes data mining easier and eliminates manual analysis. In addition, Rack Room Shoes can use the system to monitor the performance of individual pages.

Dynatrace Session Replay

Rack Room Shoes has used Dynatrace’s Session Replay software to track the customer journey. The software allows the Rack Room Shoes IT team to see how users interact with their e-commerce platforms, right down to the individual clicks and touches they make. By utilizing this feature, the company can optimize and improve the shopping experience for all of its customers, and ultimately increase its conversion rates.

Rack Room Shoes has used Dynatrace website analytics software to monitor its customers’ behavior and increase conversion rates. This software allows online retailers to track user behavior in real-time, allowing them to personalize the experience for their customers. By using this software, Rack Room Shoes has increased conversion rates by up to 25%. The software also allows the company to see trends, improve the customer experience and monitor the performance of individual pages.

Hybrid cloud environment

Dynatrace technology is helping Rack Room Shoes understand how users interact with their site. The Dynatrace platform can analyze user journeys, clicks, swipes, and other actions to understand the full impact on performance. With Dynatrace’s Session Replay, IT professionals can prioritize performance issues and collaborate to improve the customer experience. The company recently increased conversion rates by 25% with Dynatrace’s service.

As an enterprise, you need to ensure your team is familiar with cloud configuration and security. In a hybrid cloud environment, troubleshooting can be more complicated, and you need a team of professionals with deep expertise in both areas. In order to create a seamless hybrid cloud configuration, you must invest time and money in training and knowledge. However, you need to ensure the security of your private infrastructure and the public cloud to maintain compliance.


The fall campaign from Rack Room Shoes highlights essential workers. Each week, the company will feature an essential worker and reward them with a new pair of shoes or Crocs. Participants are encouraged to submit their stories and photos online to be considered for the campaign. Participants will also receive free new Crocs and shoes for their families. In 2018, the company featured the Sporrer family, including neurosurgeon Justin Sporrer and his three children.

The company spent $3-4 million on advertising during the mid-1990s, with most of its spending going to print and broadcast media. The ads featured witty situations involving shoes and family members, but were not particularly offensive to all demographics. One ad depicting a slack-jawed trucker making an unwanted pass on a woman was controversial and was censored by professional drivers. While the company’s aim was to appeal to working moms, the ads were not successful.

Growth strategy

As the retail industry continues to undergo dramatic transformation, Rack Room Shoes’ growth strategy is also changing. As a long-time brick-and-mortar retailer, the company needed to become digital first to compete with rival footwear retailers who had begun to venture into the online realm. As a result, the company recently promoted Brenda Christmon and Scott Baldt to the role of senior director of brand communications and vice president of digital sales.

The company’s strategy is to deliver a consistent shopping experience to its customers and adhere to its high standards of quality, style, value, and convenience. The retailer offers a well-curated selection of name-brand footwear at competitive prices. Customers are also pampered by a friendly sales staff and hassle-free returns policies. With its three stores, Rack Room Shoes aims to provide a satisfying shopping experience for all of its customers.

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