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Once Upon A Child on eBay

If you’re considering selling items on eBay, here are some tips. Firstly, make sure to check the store’s hours and policies before you list your items. Also, make sure you know which day the store is closed, as some items may be sold on the next day. Finally, it’s always a good idea to have a physical address for returns. Once Upon A Child accepts items for resale during store hours, but they stop accepting items an hour before closing. Be prepared to spend some time on this, as the process takes a few minutes.

Historical background

The historical background of Once Upon a Child is a complex and controversial topic, as it straddles the divide between entertainment and pedagogy. Professional historiography tends to present history with a pedagogical goal, whereas Once Upon a Child focuses on entertainment. However, there are some similarities between entertainment and pedagogy. Using the story of a child in a fun and entertaining way can lead to interesting discussions about the history of our time.

Using familiar stock characters helps break down the complicated historical events into easily understandable vignettes for children. In addition, the comical elements help make historical information palpable and accessible for a child audience. Further, the comedic elements help create a positive “emplotment” of the characters. These are just a few of the benefits that make Once Upon a Child a children’s TV show.

Business model

Once Upon a Child has a very simple business model: they buy gently used items and resell them for up to 70% less than the price they paid for them. The company even pays you cash on the spot for items you donate. These items are sold year-round in stores throughout the country. Once Upon a Child stores accept donations year-round, in any season. They also buy gently used toys and baby equipment.

A major advantage of the Once Upon A Child business model is its focus on repeat business. By offering cash on the spot for gently used items, the franchise saves parents money by supplying them with quality items. Additionally, the business model does not require a high initial investment; franchisees get paid right away when they buy items. The items sold are typically baby gear or furniture. Once Upon a Child is the perfect location for parents who are looking for gently used baby gear or furniture at a great price.

Once Upon A Child was founded by Dennis and Lynn Blum in 1985. Their three boys grew up quickly and outgrew many items before they have worn them out. With so many things that they can’t use, children often have a limited amount of time to make use of them. Once Upon A Child is an organization that takes this time to recycle these items and give them a second life. The business model of Once Upon A Child has been successful for over thirty years and continues to expand internationally.

Once Upon A Child franchisees may choose to form local advertising cooperatives with other franchisees. These cooperatives will have equal voting rights with franchised stores. Once Upon a Child doesn’t have company-owned stores, and its franchisees will pay a percentage of their gross sales to other franchisees. However, the amount must be spent on advertising in each calendar year. Franchisees must also carry out additional marketing activities.


Once Upon a Child is a chain of children’s stores, owned by Winmark Corporation. The company is committed to providing the community with quality used items at affordable prices. Company has over 65 hours of classroom and in-store training for franchisees. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis and specializes in selling used items. Founded in 2004, Once Upon a Child has more than 300 locations across the country.

Each franchisee has their own retail store. Once Upon A Child franchisees own the stores and sell a variety of used and new children’s apparel, furniture, and equipment. The stores also sell brand-new merchandise to supplement used goods. Franchisees must have at least 50 percent equity or a 50% voting interest in the company. They must also provide cash on the spot for gently-used goods. Franchisees are required to purchase approved merchandise and offer it for sale.

Profitability varies from one franchisee to another. The amount of money a franchisee earns is directly proportional to the size of their investment. While profit margins are generally proportional to the size of the investment, the profit potential of a franchisee is largely dependent on factors such as demand for their products, labor costs, and commercial lease rates. Franchisees are expected to generate profits in the range of $600 to $725,000 per location.

There are many advantages to becoming a franchisee of Once Upon a Child. Franchise fees are low (up to $25,000) and training is included in the franchise fee. The total investment is between $259,700 and $401,600, depending on the number of franchisees and territory they are applying for. Franchisees should research the availability of their territory before applying for a franchise. In some cities, the franchise will only operate one store at a time, so be sure to plan ahead.

Products offered

Once Upon a Child is a children’s consignment chain that buys and resells gently used children’s clothes and accessories. Founded in 1983 by Lynn and Dennis Blum, the chain operates nearly 400 stores in the United States and Canada. While the company began as a single store, it soon expanded to 19 locations and now serves thousands of customers each week. Located in middle-class neighborhoods, Once Upon a Child stores can serve both the upscale and the working class.

The products offered by Once Upon a Child are made with quality materials, so you can rest assured that they are of high quality. You will find everything from toys to clothing and footwear. You can also buy furniture and party favors from Once Upon a Child for a great price. All items must be in their original condition and include all pieces. Once Upon a Child is a trusted name among parents across the country.

In the mid-1990s, Once Upon a Child opened 20 franchise locations. The brand continued to expand and was soon outgrowing its location on Broadway. In 2021, the company relocated to a larger, more modern space at Nifong Avenue. During the relocation, staff members had to move about 3,000 bins of merchandise over four days. Once Upon a Child is now one of the largest children’s resale franchises in North America.

The prices of raising a child can be high, and many low-income families struggle to afford it. Luckily, Once Upon a Child makes it easier to raise a child and turn gently used items into cash. Franchisees also benefit from proprietary inventory management software, which gives them a 360-degree view of their inventory and helps them make informed decisions about when and where to sell and buy. They can also see how much marketing money they should spend on different areas of their store, so they can optimize their budget accordingly.

Once Upon a Child stores accept gently used children’s clothing and accessories. The company will pay up to thirty to forty percent of retail price. Clothing and accessories must be purchased within the past five years. Baby gear, furniture, and other accessories must be in good condition to qualify. A child’s room will receive the most money if the items are in good condition. Once Upon a Child accepts most brands, including the harder-to-sell Carter’s brand.

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