F L V S- Is Your Child Getting the Education They Need?


F L V S- Is Your Child Getting the Education They Need?

The Florida Virtual School was founded in 1997, making it the first statewide internet-based public high school in the United States. In 2000, it was incorporated as an independent educational entity. Today, F L V S is a leading educational resource for students who are challenged by traditional school systems. Here’s a look at how this innovative program works. You can also read about the Florida Virtual School’s mission and philosophy. This article will cover the benefits and costs of F L V S, as well as information for parents who have children with exceptional needs.

Flexible option

Students who sign up for the Flexible option for F L V S can take full course loads, attend homeschool classes, or take courses online when they can’t attend traditional school. Courses are offered year-round, so students can choose how many and when they take them. Homeschool students can take as many as six courses at a time, while those attending traditional school can enroll in as many as three courses. This allows students to choose the most convenient schedule for their lives.

Florida Virtual School was created as an experiment to see if online education could be personalized for students. Today, the school offers two distinct programs that address the learning needs of each child. When parents inquire about the differences between the two, they are often asked which program is best for their child. F L V S Full Time and F L V S Flex are very different programs, so understanding the differences is critical to determining which is right for your child. Here are some of the benefits of each program.

Full-time option

Parents have expressed concern about the F L V S Full-time option. Since the program’s launch, the number of students has nearly doubled. From just over five thousand students in the 2019-20 school year, full-time enrollment is expected to rise to more than ten thousand in the current year. And this is the highest graduating class ever! So, what can parents do to ensure that their children are getting the education they need?

The Florida Virtual School started as an experiment to see if it could tailor online learning to the unique needs of students. Since then, the program has grown into two distinct programs aimed at different learning styles and schedules. Parents often ask about F L V S Full-time vs the F L V S Flex program. There are several key differences between the two, but it is important to know what each option offers so you can select the best fit for your child.

Enrollment for the spring semester is now open through the Florida Virtual School. Enrollment for the spring semester will remain open until Nov. 12. Students can enroll for six courses each semester and receive a diploma at the end of the school year. Additionally, F L V S Flex offers online courses year-round. The Florida Virtual School is free for all residents of the state and offers a full-time program. It is also available for part-time students.


Florida Virtual School (F L V S) started operations in 1997 as the first state-wide public high school based on the internet. Since then, F L V S enrollment has grown rapidly and today, more than ninety percent of its students are part-time. F L V S offers a variety of courses to residents of all income levels and has a diverse curriculum that includes detailed teaching videos, supplementary activities, and assessments. Its online environment enables students from all walks of life to access education and improve their skills.

Students enrolled in F L V S classes can start as early as they’d like, as the content and instruction are appropriate for elementary-aged students. They can do the F L V S on their own, but parents can supervise and monitor their progress as needed. While F L V S courses are not as long as their in-school counterparts, they can sometimes drag out. Therefore, parents of elementary school students should partner with F L V S to help them understand the content.

F L V S offers many benefits, but critics worry that the program will compromise the quality of education. While F L V S offers more courses at lower costs, they may not be educating children as well as traditional brick-and-mortar schools. A recent study by Schwerdt and Chingos compared students from F L V S to traditional Florida schools using the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Overall, F L V S students outperformed their brick-and-mortar counterparts on the test, but the study did not reveal whether the virtual experience improves students’ learning.

Exceptional education students (ESE)

Seminole County Public Schools provides a range of services for students with special educational needs. These programs provide a personalized learning experience, individualized for the unique needs of individual students. Among the services offered are autism and related disorders. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder need specially designed instruction and related services. Those with Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH) have difficulties processing linguistic information, which negatively impacts their performance in educational settings.

To access ESE services, students must have one of the listed exceptionalities. Eligible students have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that outlines services, goals, and accommodations. Changes to the IEP must be approved at an IEP team meeting. Parents and ESE personnel may schedule an IEP meeting with the Varying Exceptionalities Specialist. Listed below are some of the services provided for ESE students.

Hillsborough County Public Schools Exceptional Student Education department provides services and support to eligible students. It oversees over 30,000 special education students and 250 schools. Students are placed in the program based on eligibility requirements established by the State. Hernando County’s Exceptional Student Education Policies and Procedures (ESEP) policy covers the education of exceptional students in prekindergarten through 22 years of age.

Personalized instruction

Personalized instruction with F L V S offers students unprecedented flexibility and academic challenge. They can take one course or a variety of courses depending on their interests and schedules. With access to more than 190 courses online, they can study anything, anytime, anywhere. Students can choose from a diverse selection of courses, including the Florida State Standards, honors, and college prep courses. Students can also study online in a variety of ways, from their own homes to public libraries.

The F L V S platform is powered by a technology called Knewton, which makes personalized recommendations to students in real-time. The personalized learning model of F L V S supports the competency-based teaching approach. While technology is being used to enhance the learning experience of students, one-on-one interactions with teachers remain essential. And in the end, personalized instruction can help students develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning. With F L V S, you can expect to get what you pay for.

Florida Virtual School is a fully accredited statewide public school that offers more than 190 courses to students online. Teachers use personalized instruction programs to teach each student. The FLVS Foundation leverages specialized expertise to build networks of online education innovation. They help Florida students achieve academic success in a highly interactive environment. The online platform also allows teachers to focus on individual students, rather than the whole class. In addition to personalized instruction, FLVS teachers are able to provide one-on-one attention to every student.

Availability to homeschoolers

Florida Virtual Schools is an online school that offers both publicly funded and tuition-based courses for homeschoolers. The FLVS catalog features core subjects, honors and Advanced Placement courses, world languages, and electives. It accepts reviews written by homeschooling parents. Those who have used FLVS to teach their children can post those reviews, and the site provides unbiased feedback. You can read reviews and learn about FLVS in this section.

FLVS offers excellent teachers and staff. This program also offers a Gifted and Advanced Academics program for gifted children. However, it’s important to note that there are some downsides to FLVS. For one thing, there are big tests at the end of each unit. The questions often require students to analyze concepts that weren’t covered in a lesson. These challenges can confuse students studying for their tests.

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