Alienware 17in Laptop Review

alienware m15

alienware m15

If you’re looking for a high-performance, low-cost laptop, Alienware 17in laptop model that packs potent hardware and an attractive case. This laptop’s graphics cards are up to desktop-class and its touchscreen is optional 4K. It’s not just the attractive case, though. The processor and graphics cards are also powerful. This Alienware 17in laptop comes with an Intel Core i7-5500U processor and NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics Card.

NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics Card

If you want to upgrade your laptop graphics card to a high-end model, you should buy the NVIDIA GTX 1060 Graphics Cards. These cards are based on Pascal architecture and are produced in TSMC’s 16 nm FinFET process. They use a smaller GP106 chip and have the same number of shaders as desktop models, but with a lower clock rate and lower TDP.

GTX 1060 notebooks are VR Ready and capable of handling the latest releases at High to Maximum settings. These notebooks also have a fast variant of the GTX 1060. In fact, the faster variants of the GTX 1060 notebooks are built on the faster Nvidia 1080 or Max-Q chips. The GTX 1050 and Ti graphics cards are mid-range and not very powerful for gaming laptops.

If you’re looking for a high-end gaming laptop, you should consider the Alienware 17 R4. Its performance and graphics card are both impressive. The IPS panel has a resolution of 1920×1080, while the GeForce GTX 1060 features enhanced Ray Tracing Cores. With a full HD resolution, the Alienware 17 has enough processing power for any game.

Anodized aluminum chassis

The Anodized aluminum chassis of the Alienware 17in laptop is one of the most attractive features of this laptop. This design is sleek and refined. Unlike previous models with magnesium alloy frames, this laptop features a more streamlined design with angled front and side walls. The rear GPU/CPU exhaust vent helps manage the heat generated inside the laptop. Its processors are factory-overclocked, and the laptop also comes with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology to dynamically control power and performance.

The Nebula Red Special Edition Anodized Aluminum case covers the majority of the Alienware M17x laptop’s surface area. The case features customizable LED keypad settings. This anodized aluminum laptop case retails for $99 on the company’s website. It looks sleek and is extremely durable, making it an excellent option for people who are on the go. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you’ll be delighted by the numerous features of this stylish and functional machine.

Alienware M17x’s

The Alienware M17x’s anodized aluminum chassis is another impressive feature. This material is highly durable and offers long life, while its natural textured finish adds a more aggressive and stylish look. The Alienware 17in a laptop is ideal for gamers and anyone looking for a high-performance device at an affordable price. There are many advantages of this anodized aluminum case, and we’ll discuss them now.

The undercarriage is just as elegant. It features metallic edging and black grates for the speakers, fan, and built-in subwoofer. The Alienware M17x also has LED lighting that you can customize from the Command Center. A pre-installed application lets you customize your lighting with a wide variety of colors and effects. It’s a very nice touch and looks great, even when used as a gaming laptop.

The Alienware M17x gaming notebook offers the most powerful 17-in gaming notebook available. The laptop offers the highest graphics performance available on a gaming notebook. The new Alienware M17x is priced reasonably at $1799 and comes with a host of perks. The company is also planning to increase its sales presence from six countries to 35. This new line of notebooks represents premium performance and technology.

Intel Core i7-5500U processor

Dell’s Alienware division recently unveiled its m17 gaming laptop with a 17.3-inch screen. The computer’s performance is reminiscent of a desktop PC, and its design makes it a good choice for gamers. Its high-resolution screen and 99% color gamut ensure incredibly realistic graphics. The computer also has 16GB of RAM and plenty of connectivity.

The processor was first released in 2008 and has gone through 9 generations since then. The Intel Core i7 was once the fastest processor line, but that changed in 2017 when the Intel Core i9 was introduced. The i7 range boasts up to eight cores and a default clock speed of 3.6GHz. As a result, it is a popular choice for PC builders, content creators, and gamers.

Alienware 17in Laptop Features

In addition to the Intel Core i7-5500U processor, the Alienware 17in laptop also features eight GB of DDR3L SDRAM at 1600MHz. You can upgrade the memory to 16GB if you want to, and the Alienware 17in’s graphics card features 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM. The Alienware 17in laptop runs on Windows 10 Home, which means it offers faster boot times than Windows 7 or 8.

The Intel Core i7-5500U is a very good processor for a small ultrabook, with a TDP of 15W. The graphics card and memory controller are also integrated into the processor, which means you get a powerful laptop with plenty of power for office use, multimedia, and demanding applications. You can even select multiple devices from the menu. This Alienware 17in laptop is a great choice for gamers who need the ultimate performance in a small package.

The Alienware 17in PC is the most advanced machine to date, and it can compete with a large desktop or gaming laptop. The screen is of exceptional quality, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to make the most of your Alienware 17in laptop. Aside from that, the Alienware 17in PC comes with excellent cooling and is likely to last for five years.

Touch-sensitive controls

The Alienware 17in laptop features a touch-sensitive trackpad and backlit keyboard that is customizable. The M17 features traditional tapered keys with more room between letters, which is a benefit for first-person shooters. It also comes with touch-sensitive controls that can be customized with adjustable backlight colors. The controls were responsive, but the laptop did feel a bit clunky and slow to respond when pressed. Also, the keyboard’s onscreen confirmation wasn’t particularly helpful – the keys were slow to respond and were hard to see, so it would be easier to type.

The Alienware 17in laptop includes the new Tobii eye-tracking technology, which was awarded an Innovation Award at CES 2017. The GPUs on the Alienware 17in laptop is powered by NVIDIA VRWorks technology. With the Tobii eye-tracking technology, gamers can focus on the screen while playing VR games. And with the Tobii eye-tracking software, gamers can control the brightness of the keyboard just by gazing at it.

The Alienware 17in laptop comes with an integrated touchpad and is customized to prevent accidental contact. It can also be connected to a larger display, as it includes an HDMI 1.4 and Mini Display Port output. It also features a USB 3.0 port and Audio Powered by the Klipsch system. Although the Alienware 17in laptop is for gamers, it may not be the best choice for a home theater system.


The Alienware 17in laptop is an impressive-looking laptop that can replace a desktop. Despite its price, the Alienware 17in laptop is considerably more expensive than similar laptops. That said, it does come with an extended warranty and discounted old stock. For gamers, the Alienware 17 is definitely worth the money. Its slim, lightweight, and multifunctional design make it a great option.

The Alienware 17in laptop comes with a 12th-generation Intel Core i9 processor and a 1TB SSD for storage. It also features dual-channel 32GB DDR5 memory and a 16GB GDDR6 RTX 3080 graphics card. There are two USB ports at the edge of the Alienware 17in laptop. The Alienware 17in laptop has an HDMI port, a VGA port, and a multi-format card reader.

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