Kreation Organic Juicery Expands Into Westwood

kreation organic juicery

kreation organic juicery

If you love juice and smoothie bars, then you’ve probably heard of the organic chain kreation. But did you know that this restaurant chain is expanding into Westwood? Is it worth the hype? Read on to find out. Here’s what you need to know about kreation.

kreation organic juicery opened in 2007

Located in Santa Monica, California, Kreation Organic Juicery is a popular chain of healthy juice and organic cafes. The company’s founder, Marjan Sarshar, started by cold pressing juices in her garage. This method of juicing ensures that the final product contains more nutrition than traditional methods. The company’s goal is to make organic juices affordable to everyone. Today, it offers a wide variety of juices and smoothies, as well as various coffees and breakfast items.

kreation organic juicery

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The Kreation Kafe offers cold-pressed juice, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and grab-and-go options. It has a cute outdoor patio where patrons can enjoy their delicious juices and eat a healthy snack. While the cafe may be expensive, it also offers Buy One, Get One Free offer on some items.

Kreation Organic Juicery has expanded to Westwood Village, which was formerly occupied by Jimmy John’s. The Westwood location offers a variety of juices and smoothies, including acai bowls. The restaurant is also expanding its menu to include packaged to-go items.

The Kreation owners have denied Ramos’ claims and filed for a trial in February. Several other workers have also filed lawsuits against the company. One worker, Juan Romero, filed a suit in 2014 alleging that he wasn’t paid for overtime. However, the workers’ attorneys dismissed the case in August 2015.

kreation is a chain of juice and smoothie bars

The Kreation Organic Juicery is a chain of juice and smoothie shops that are now operating in over 20 locations throughout California. Its goal is to cultivate love, balance, and well-being through organic food and drink. The chain has been a fixture in LA for years and is a favorite among Los Angeles-based health-conscious consumers. It offers an extensive selection of juices, smoothies, and coffee.

Kreation Organic Juicery serves cold-pressed organic juices, smoothies, and grab-and-go meals. It has become a favorite of professional athletes, celebrities, and health-conscious consumers. Its menu is full of organic, locally-grown foods, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. It also features a full-time nutritionist to help customers find the right drink to meet their nutritional needs.

The California-based chain of juice and smoothie bars is hiring. A sign has been posted in store windows to advertise job openings. Jenson Titus, a social media user, shared a picture of a laminated sign that reads: “Job Openings at Kreation Organic Juicery.” The sign includes the company’s name and a list of desirable qualities.

kreation organic juicery

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In Westwood Village, a Kreation location has opened. The Westwood location offers smoothies, acai bowls, and packaged to-go food. It also offers an avocado toast bar. While Kreation is more of a grab-and-go business than a sit-down restaurant, its Westwood location aims to become a part of the UCLA community.

Franchise owners can choose between full-service franchises or small kiosks. Franchise fees vary, but typically cost about $30,000, depending on the area and location. Franchisees receive support, training, and marketing from the company. Franchise fees include a two percent marketing contribution and ongoing royalties.

This California chain of juice and smoothie bars has several locations throughout the Bay Area. Its products are made from certified organic ingredients and locally-sourced produce. Each smoothie is made fresh and contains a variety of superfoods. Some are even vegan, with vegan options.

The company focuses on holistic healthy living. Franchise applicants must have an income of at least $200,000 and $100,000 in liquid capital. The company also offers multi-unit franchises for those with large enough funds. Applicants can choose between two and four units. There are a variety of franchise fees, and the royalty fee is around six percent.

kreation is expanding to Westwood

Kreation Organic is expanding its operations to Westwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The organic juicery and cafe specializes in locally sourced and certified green products. The company applies the same philosophy to its juice bar, which focuses on 100% organic fruits and veggies. These juices are made to be detoxifying and energy-boosting. In addition to its cafe, Kreation also offers a juice mobile and cold-pressed juices.

Kreation has 19 locations in southern California, including Santa Monica. The juicery is known for its avocado toast bar, superfood juices, and smoothies. It also serves fresh baked goods and sandwiches. There is a cozy patio out front and a juice bar for grab-and-go customers. While Kreation isn’t cheap, there are special deals and promotions that can make your juices more affordable.

There is no specific timeline for when Kreation Organic will open its Westwood Village location, as the COVID crisis continues to keep restaurant owners in limbo. However, Sarshar hopes to open the new location within three months. In the meantime, the company will continue its expansion into other areas of the Los Angeles area.

The company has 3 types of outlets: signature stores, cafes, and home delivery. All of its juices are made with locally purchased organic fruits and vegetables, so they are fresh and full of nutrients. These drinks are made with enzymes and vitamins that cleanse and nourish the body. And they’re delicious.

Besides the juices, Kreation Organic juicery has healthy snacks and juices. The menu is expansive, and staff members will be happy to help you decide what kind of cleanse is best for your needs. For instance, the company offers a 12-day “Meltdown” program, which includes meals, soup, and snacks.

Delivery fee, kreation organic juicery

If you’re in the mood for some healthy juice or smoothies, you can always order from Kreation Organic Juicery in Manhattan Beach. This juice bar offers both pick-up and delivery services. To place an order, visit the restaurant’s website or download the app. You can then view the menu before ordering. Once you’ve placed your order, you can also check the status of your order.

kreation organic juicery

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Kreation Organic Juicery delivers juices to your doorstep, and its menu includes fresh, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. The juices are packed with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that cleanse, heal, and energize your cells. You can also order protein-stacked smoothies or flavored water.

Kreation Organic has three types of outlets. The stores feature Cold Press Juices, a smoothie bar, and a coffee bar with its own proprietary blends. There are also Kreation Kafes, which are full-service restaurants connected to the signature stores. They feature full menus and offer juices for every diet. The Kreation Kafe in Brentwood, California, also serves craft beer, wine, and signature cocktail drinks made from Kreation’s signature cold-pressed juices.

Gluten-free bread options

Kreation Organic Juicery has a great selection of gluten-free bread options. They also offer a wide variety of juices, smoothies, and salads. Several of the smoothies are great hangover fighters and can help you beat the morning jitters. Breakfast is also available all day and the menu clearly labels gluten-free items. You can even use a gluten-free baguette for your sandwich. The menu also offers gluten-free “AmazeBowls.”

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