Rapid Fired Pizza, Pie Five and Conveyor Conveyor Ovens For Pizza

Rapid Fired Pizza

Rapid Fired Pizza

Wiley Interactive acquired Rapid Fired Pizza, which had hoped to expand its pizza concept to a national level. Kern and Hurst first approached Wiley in 2007, with the intention of expanding Rapid Fired Pizza into a nationwide chain. Today, the company has 81 locations and is growing steadily. Wiley plans to focus on supply chain issues.

Pie Five, Rapid Fired Pizza

Pie Five is a fast-casual pizza concept. It’s set to open tomorrow in Richmond Heights. It’s the second location of a company that already has a Chesterfield location. The group plans to open 15 locations in the St. Louis metro area. Pie Five is known for its thin and crispy pizzas and is a great option for families looking for a quick meal.

Guests can choose from a variety of toppings and sauces for their personal pizza. It’s made in a conveyor-style oven and cooks in about 140 seconds. The company also offers a loyalty program. The company’s fast-casual concept has a loyal customer base.

The company has two owners. Chip Hurst and Mike Kern are co-owners of Rapid Fired Pizza Spartanburg and Greenville. Both are restaurant industry veterans with over 30 years of experience. Mike Kern has more than 20 years of franchise restaurant experience. Chip Hurst brings 20 years of real estate development.

In addition to fast pizza delivery, Pie Five offers custom-created pizzas and has locations in seven states. Customers are given the option to choose the toppings and crust. The crust, which is made from ancient grains (teff, amaranth, sorghum, and buckwheat), is a healthy option for anyone looking for gluten-free pizza. Moreover, it is made from high-quality ingredients and is baked at high temperatures. Customers can choose from unlimited toppings and enjoy a healthy meal at a low price.

rapid fired pizza

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Pie Five uses a conveyor-style oven to cook the pizza. The oven is designed to handle different crust styles, and it offers super-fast cooking. The TurboChef conveyor convection oven cooks a pizza in just 145 seconds. The TurboChef oven also makes desserts, salad shells, and other food items.

Conveyor convection ovens

Conveyor convection ovens are a convenient option for pizza restaurants. These ovens use a conveyor belt to transport the pizzas from the oven to the customer. They are designed for quick service chains and independent pizzerias. The conveyor belts allow for a high rate of production.

Conveyor ovens are available in both gas and electric versions. While gas ovens are usually more expensive to buy, they cost less to run. However, gas ovens may require gas hookups, which will increase your utility costs. Electric conveyor ovens, on the other hand, are generally safer. Gas ovens are preferred by professional chefs because they preserve more of the nutrients in the pizza.

Another option is propane. Propane ovens are fuel-efficient and require only a single 1-lb bottle of propane for operation. They can cook up to 16 pizzas of 10 inches or eight pizzas of 16 inches in an hour. You can purchase a propane oven for your own restaurant or business if you want a low-cost fuel alternative. The downside is that propane ovens are limited in terms of cooking capacity.

The best conveyor convection ovens are designed to bake pizzas quickly and efficiently. These ovens can also bake flatbreads. They feature variable-speed controls to ensure evenly baked crusts, gooey cheese, and warm toppings. Most of these ovens require less than an hour to bake a pizza, which is good for a business where pizza is an occasional item.

Before purchasing a conveyor convection oven for your restaurant, consider the following factors. First, consider the number of customers you expect to serve. Then, choose the capacity of the oven that can accommodate the number of pizzas you need to make. If you are planning to expand, you’ll want to make sure you have space for more ovens in the future.

Deck ovens: Unlike conveyor convection ovens, deck ovens are smaller and use the same heating element that your home oven uses. Deck ovens are great for a small pizzeria. While deck ovens are small and compact, conveyor ovens are more convenient for quick-service restaurants that serve multiple pizzas per hour.

Quick-bake ovens, Rapid Fired Pizza

Rapid-bake ovens for pizza have a number of benefits. The removable stone allows for easy cleaning under and around the stone, which is necessary when preparing and serving a pizza. This is because after each pizza is removed, it leaves burned bits on the stone that can ruin the taste of the pizza. In addition, wood-fired and charcoal models require additional cleaning, since the chimney pipes can collect excess soot.

A quick-bake oven for pizza has a small footprint and is lightweight. It also runs ventless, eliminating costly installation fees. Moreover, it comes with six programmable preset timers, which help you to insert a pizza without any difficulty. Another benefit is that it can cook up to 14″ pizzas with hearth-style results in 90 seconds.

These ovens are made of heavy gauge brushed stainless steel and corrosion-resistant aluminized steel. They also feature anti-skid feet and insulated handles for safety. There is also a removable pizza peel with the Oster oven. It is easy to store on a counter since it’s slightly larger than a toaster oven.

These ovens are often used for high-production operations and are available in gas or electric models. Gas ovens have more responsive heat and can reach higher temperatures more quickly than electric models. However, electric ovens are more accurate in maintaining a specific temperature. Gas ovens also produce moister heat, which is ideal for browning pizzas.

Another feature of these ovens is that they can cook unlimited quantities of food. They can be used for pizzas and other foods. And they are compact and easy to use. Many of them use self-rising crusts. If you’re looking for a faster way to make a delicious pizza, a rapid-bake oven is the perfect solution.

A good pizza oven can reach high temperatures without long preheating times, and they don’t require extensive cleanup. They are much more versatile than their name implies, as they can also be used for roasting, searing, or baking other types of food. Besides pizza, they can be used to cook fish, steak, or flavorful vegetables.

Made-to-order pizzas in 180 seconds or less

Rapid Fired Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant with more than 30 locations in six states. They offer made-to-order, individually sized pizzas that are cooked in 180 seconds or less. Customers can choose from several crust types and more than 30 toppings to create the perfect pizza for their tastes. The restaurants also offer breadsticks and desserts. Some locations even offer “No-Doh” pizza, perfect for those watching their carbs.

Rapid Fired Pizza

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Rapid Fired Pizza company’s motto

The company’s motto “Made to Order Pizzas in 180 seconds or less” is part of its appeal. The artisanal pizzas are prepared with clean ingredients and don’t contain artificial ingredients. They can be customized with healthy toppings, sauces, and finishes. In addition to pizza, Domino’s also offers salads and a s’more pie with chocolate chips and brownies.

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