Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

polk audio buckle

polk audio buckle

Polk Audio Buckle headphones are designed with style in mind. Polk Audio Buckle Headphones are perfect for music lovers and style geeks. They are made with great attention to detail. Polk Audio Buckle Headphones have a great bass range and good noise-canceling abilities. They come in various colors and sizes. These headphones are a great choice for active people.

Low-frequency response is sculpted

The low-frequency response of the Polk Audio buckle is sculpted. This speaker is designed to produce detailed stereo imaging. Its tweeter possesses an acoustic crossover on its axis, which is positioned fifty-eight inches from the speaker’s woofer. In addition, its tweeter possesses a ring radiator, which means its response is flat above mid-treble and has good dispersion below it. The overall sound stage is quite even and well-balanced, but it does show some off-axis suckout.

The Buckle headphones offer detailed bass, even at low frequencies. They do so by boosting sub-bass to 82 decibels, despite having a typical headphone design. Moreover, they do not overemphasize bass tones until 400 Hz, where they are under-emphasized. In addition, they drop to 59 dB at 4kHz, which is 20 decibels quieter than sub-bass. This result translates into a much deeper bass sound, complemented by a crisp, detailed instrumental performance.

Elegant Look, Polk Audio Buckle

In addition, the Buckle headphones have an elegant look. They are part of the Polk Heritage Collection and are available in a variety of colors. The Buckle Brown is a semi-traditional brown, while the Buckle Black is silver. Either way, they are elegant enough to fit into any room. And, at the price they are available for, you can’t go wrong with them.

Polk Audio Buckle

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The Polk Audio Buckle headphones also come with a microphone for taking calls. This mic can also be used to control the playback of music. Besides that, the Buckle headphones have a two-button control dial for easy music playback. They also have a 3.5mm headphone cable input, which can be useful if you want to take calls while listening to music.

The Buckle headphones are over-ear headphones that are part of Polk Audio’s Heritage Collection. The Buckle headphones come in muted colors and feature thick matte-finish metal. These headphones look stylish and are built to last. Their audio quality is also very high, with high-fidelity sound.

Upper mid-range is sculpted

The Buckle speakers exhibit a highly stylized sound signature with sculpted frequency response. They emphasize lower midrange frequencies and bass frequencies while downplaying treble frequencies. This gives the music a dark chocolate color while leaving instrumental detail intact. The Buckle lacks audible distortion, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy deep bass sounds.

Polk Audio Buckle headphones have an over-ear design and a matte-finish metal headband. These headphones are available in a variety of color combinations. The Buckle is part of the Heritage Collection, which focuses on rustic and minimalist styles. The Buckle’s sculpted metal surface and thick matte headband add to the style. The headphones also boast a lifetime warranty.

Dynamic Balance tuning, polk audio buckle

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones use Dynamic Balance tuning, which is designed to minimize the internal resonances in the housing and drivers. This helps the headphones sound more accurate and consistent. In addition to the Dynamic Balance tuning, they also employ 40mm, drivers. Lastly, the Buckle features a closed-back earcup to eliminate external noise. Overall, this headphone offers excellent sound, even in the low-leakage variant.

The Buckle headphones are part of the Polk Heritage Collection and are available in brown, silver, and black colors. Their elegant design will fit in with any decor. The Buckle headphones are also affordable and a good choice for the money. Although they are not as high-end as other headphones, they will not disappoint with their quality.

Polk Audio Buckle headphones feature a sturdy construction with premium materials. This is a good thing because they won’t break easily in an accidental drop. They also feature a replaceable cable. The biggest weakness of this headphone is the ear cup hinge. This hinge may become loose after repeated use, and the headphones will not fit properly.

Bass range is good, Polk Audio Buckle

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are quite good when it comes to bass range. The sub-bass extension is very good, while the low-midrange performance is decent and flat. There is a slight deviation in the treble range, but it’s still acceptable. The headphones also have a solid middle range. Bass tones are fairly forward, but the bass range is skewed, and this can be easily corrected by adjusting the high-midrange level.

The bass range on the Buckle headphones is good and accentuates the midrange. They also have a slightly forward midrange, which makes them stand out when listening to Andrea Roma’s “Sorority Sisters” album. The Buckle headphones also have a clear sound with good detail. Overall, the Buckle headphones are good for the office.

Polk Audio Buckle headphones are comfortable and offer good sound quality for the price. Unfortunately, the bass range is not as good as we would like, and the noise blocking is not as good. However, this is compensated by the fact that they do not leak much noise and provide quality sound for long periods of time.

Sub base tons, Polk Audio Buckle

Although the bass range on the Buckle isn’t particularly impressive, they do perform decently compared to their competition. If you are a heavy basshead, the Buckle might be the best choice for you. These headphones are capable of boosting sub-bass tones to 82 dB, and their bass response is excellent when it comes to vocals and instrument sound.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are comfortable and durable and are priced at $146 online. But they lack isolation from high-pitched noise and are not very practical for noisy environments. As a result, these headphones are not recommended for travel and commuting. They also lack active noise cancellation, making them unsuitable for those with sensitive ears.

Noise canceling ability is average

Polk Audio Buckle headphones offer an average noise-cancelling ability, but they are far from ideal. The headphones’ frequency response is highly stylized, increasing the sub-bass frequencies up to 82 dB, but de-emphasizing low-frequency tones. In addition, the headphones start under-emphasizing bass tones around 400 Hz. However, this issue can easily be overcome with careful audio mixing.

The Buckle is heavy, but it feels snug on the head. The headphones also have a comfortable headband that distributes their weight evenly. They also feature an efficient control scheme, with a single toggle for volume and a single mute button. This makes them very easy to operate.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones offer decent isolation but are not ideal for travel or commuting in noisy environments. Although they have a decent bass response and decent treble, they lack midrange isolation. This means they’re not the best headphones for critical listening or playing sports. But they do offer decent high-volume isolation.

detachable cable, polk audio buckle

The Buckle is a good over-ear headphone and comes with a detachable cable. It features a gold-plated 3.5mm precision-machined connector to connect to the source. The lightweight aluminum headband and ergonomic design ensure a secure fit. The headphones also come with plush on-ear pads to soothe and lubricate the ears and reduce outside noise. The Buckle also features an intBuckled microphone and a three-button rocker switch. The noise canceling ability of Polk Audio buckle is good for an over-ear headphone.

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