Lamora Williams is Jameel Penn Sr’s Ex-girlfriend

Lamora Williams

Lamora Williams

The mother of Lamora Williams tried to take her children from her care because she was concerned about her mental state. She stated that Lamora had not been feeding her children and frequently left them at home alone. As a result of the mother’s attempts to reclaim custody of the children, Lamora called a friend named Nessa Smith and told her that the children were dead.

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Jameel Penn Sr

Lamora Williams gave birth to her first child at age 18. When she was 18, she began a relationship with Jameel Penn Sr. They eventually had three children together. In 2017, the couple split up. While Lamora had helped Jameel financially, she struggled to care for her kids and her own mental health. After the separation, Brenda sought help from the Division of Family and Children Services.

The Williams family was concerned about Lamora’s mental state and tried to get custody of the children. They called the Division of Family and Children Services, claiming that Lamora was not feeding her kids. The woman’s family told the station that Lamora suffered from postpartum depression. Lamora had repeatedly tried to cut her wrists. In response, she called a friend, Neesa Smith, who advised her to call the police.

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Autopsy and its details

Police have not released details of the autopsy, but Jameel Penn Sr, the father of the three youngest children, told the family that the two boys died in the apartment. The mother, who was homeless, has not been identified. The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office has not released the names of the suspects. However, the father of the children has been interviewed, and he has expressed his concerns.

Lamora Williams

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Since the funeral, Penn said he spoke to Williams several times, but she did not show any emotion. He was unable to ask the question that was weighing on his mind. Williams, meanwhile, told police that she had left the children with a cousin for the night. When she came home around 11 p.m., she discovered the bodies. Williams is charged with two counts of murder. Williams’ first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

The arrest of Lamora Williams followed a police investigation of two murders. She was charged with two murders, after allegedly leaving her two boys in the apartment for more than 11 hours. The parents were arrested and are being held without bond in the Fulton County Jail. A preliminary autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. Police have confiscated the stove in Williams’ apartment for further investigation.

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Jameel Penn Sr’s mother

Lamora Williams was Jameel Penn Sr’s longtime girlfriend. She has two young children. Her first child was born when Williams was only 18 years old. Williams had mental health issues and the relationship broke down in 2017. But Jameel Penn Sr. continued to help her children even after their relationship ended. When her boyfriend left her kids, Lamora contacted her friend Neesa Smith and told her that she had been unable to take care of the children by herself.


The family gathered for a candlelight vigil late Saturday night. The mother and sons’ father had separated. Jameel Penn visited his children on the weekends. His oldest son, Jameel, was in the same house when he witnessed the homicide. He later told investigators that Williams was suffering from mental illness and was acting irrationally.

In the video, Lamora Penn told the 911 operator that one of her sons was under the “pulled over” oven. She also claimed that her two sons were burned. She also asked if she was going to jail. However, it was determined that her oldest son was not burned. Lamora has since been charged with felony murder, cruelty to children, and making a false statement. Police believe that she intentionally put her sons in the oven to cover up the manner in which she killed them.

There have been a number of reports stating that Lamora Williams is psychotic. She has a history of petty theft and marijuana possession. She also had a history of obstruction. Despite her criminal record, she was unable to control her violent behavior. As a result, she has asked for Lamora to be put on suicide watch.

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Jameel Penn Sr’s father

The father of two of Jameel Penn’s three young children, Lamora Williams, has been charged with murder and is awaiting trial on murder charges. He waived his initial court appearance Monday and was denied bail. The two dead children are Ja’Karter Penn, 1 year, and Ke-Yaunte Penn, 2 years old. A third child in the home was not injured. The family says Williams suffered from mental health problems that he does not fully understand.

Lamora Williams was a longtime girlfriend of Jameel Penn Sr. She gave birth to their first child at age 18 and later got involved with Jameel Penn. They had three children together before breaking up in 2014. Jameel Penn Sr. continued to help Lamora and the children even after the two men broke up. Lamora Williams’ mother, Neesa Smith, tried to take custody of the kids after Jameel Penn Sr. abandoned them.

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After the murders, Jameel Penn was convinced his children were in danger. But Neesa Smith and Jameel Penn believed Lamora had a mental problem. When a medical examiner found no signs of blunt force trauma, police suspected Lamora of concealing the murder. Lamora’s name didn’t show up on an inmate search in Georgia, which suggests that she had been committed to a psychiatric facility.

Lamora Williams’ alleged murders of her children have raised serious questions about her mental health. Her mother and stepfather told a station that Williams had been suffering from mental illness since she was born. Her sister said that she had repeatedly tried to slash her wrists. During the 911 call, Lamora Williams said she couldn’t care for her children. Despite the allegations, Williams pled not guilty to the charges against her. Lamora Williams’ family said she was suffering from postpartum depression. Her friend Neesa Smith told Lamora to call the police.

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Jameel Penn Sr’s girlfriend

The first clue that Lamora Williams is Jameel’s ex-girlfriend came when she called her friend Neesa Smith, who encouraged her to call 911. Later, she called Jameel Penn Sr. and showed him a video of the dead kids. Jameel and Lamora ended their relationship in 2017 but are still involved in the lives of their children.

It’s not clear whether or not the two brothers were abused or not. The autopsy report for the boys is still pending. However, Williams is the only one who is certain of what happened. She will be in court on Monday for her preliminary hearing.

According to Lamora, she was a little worried about getting in trouble at work. She says her sister and cousin were watching the children at the time. However, investigators believe Lamora was the one who killed her children. The three-year-old’s siblings claim that he was asleep when the stove fell on him.

Lamora was a good woman, but life pressures and an upcoming baby were too much for her. In fact, the last time she worked, she had a six-year-old daughter. After that, she quit her job. When she realized that she’d have to face the repercussions of being fired, she went to a family member for help. Neesa Smith, her friend, told her to call the police.

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Jameel Penn Sr’s daughter

Lamora Williams was 18 years old when she gave birth to her first child. She was a single mother at the time. Eventually, she began dating Jameel Penn. The two later had three children, and their relationship ended in 2017. Until last year, Williams was financially supported by Jameel Penn Sr. When her boyfriend left her, she tried to get custody of the children. She later called a close friend, Neesa Smith, who advised her to call the police.

Williams’s actions drew the ire of her mother’s relatives. She was a single mother who had struggled with mental health issues since the death of her father. Her oldest son, Jameel, was in the house when his brothers were murdered. Williams, however, was not home when the boys were killed. She had no money to hire a babysitter. The homicide took place on a Saturday evening.

mental health, Lamora Williams

When Williams told the 911 operator that her children had been burned, Jameel Penn realized something was wrong. The mother was concerned about Lamora’s mental health and claimed that she left her children alone. Jameel Penn called the police, but Lamora Williams did not answer the phone. She was arrested for murder and other charges.

While Williams did not grow up in poverty and was not abused, her sister, Tabitha Hollingsworth, said her sister was suffering from mental health issues. In the aftermath of her son’s death, the family tried to support her. However, Williams’ sister told the police that Williams had problems and wanted help.

Lamora Williams

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The investigation into the murder of Lamora Williams has been ongoing since October 2017. Currently, she is facing two murder charges for the deaths of her two young sons. The family has said she is mentally unstable and suffered from postpartum depression.

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