Henri Rousseau’s Paintings for Decorating a Living Room

When considering how to furnish a living room, living room art themes may not come to mind right away, yet it is a necessity for any lovely home. You may utilize some famous pieces of art to decorate your living space. These artworks, many of which were created by famous painters, will give your house a refined and lovely feel. 

These works of art are classics that will wow any guests you may have. But they may also make your house look cute and more expensive.

Henri Rousseau’s artworks are among the greatest whenever it relates to paintings that you require for your living room’s design. His drawings, which are also full of hidden significance and symbolism, are ideal for those who value the finer things in life. Artworks by Henri Rousseau are sure to wow, whether you’re searching for a peaceful presence in your home or a discussion starter for your visitors. Here is a list of Henri Rousseau’s Jungle paintings that would look great in your house.

The Dream

With its strange representation of a lady lounging on a couch in the woodland, the title “The Dream” is a fitting one for the current piece. Other wide-eyed lions stare at the bizarre picture or the spectator, as well as vivid, skillfully portrayed flora that feature at least twenty-two hues of green. Other creatures that reside in the forest are also seen with the woman. 

This image of a comically misplaced academic-style in an exotic environment far from the artist’s native France may be seen as Rousseau’s reaction to late 19th-century French European colonialism advancement to territories he experienced only via his tours to various museums and visual media like postcards and magazines. 

The Dream demonstrates why the Surrealists, especially AndrĂ© Breton, the movement’s founder, greatly admired Rousseau’s artwork by showcasing the artist’s amazing attention to detail, vibrant color scheme, and great mash-up of imagery. Breton stated that it’s with Rousseau that art lovers can speak for the very first time of Magic Realism. The image has a serene, tranquil air, and the colors are rich and brilliant. It is a beautiful addition to any room and will give your house a sense of festive grandeur.

Tiger In A Tropical Storm Surprised – Henri Julien Rousseau

Surprise (Tiger in a Tropical Storm)

The earliest painting depicting a tropical setting is Henri Rousseau’s “Surprise.” World-famous painter Henri Rousseau had never been to a forest in person. The piece, originally named Tiger in a Tropical Storm, draws influence from posters, graphic books, and the Jardin des Plantes, which was adjacent to the artist’s workplace.

Painter Rousseau subsequently clarified that the tiger in the picture was following a group of ambushed explorers, despite the initial assumption that the violent tropical storm bursting in the skies above the tiger represented who or what the tiger was pursuing. The entire picture is covered in stripes in the colors orange, yellow, brown, green, and red. The long lightning bolts make people think of a thunderclap. 

The picture received mockery for its clumsy execution and innocent demeanor. In addition, the flat nature of the painting’s characters contributed to some of the criticism. However, modern analysis of the work has praised the surrealistic character that Rousseau’s method gives to this faraway setting. 

In addition, his meticulous layering of various green hues on leaves has since been praised for his skill. This is one of the best Henri Rousseau jungle paintings. The artwork has a pleasant, calm air, and the colors are rich and brilliant. It is perfect for any living room setting.

The Sleeping Gypsy

One of the most famous Henri Rousseau art, The Sleeping Gypsy, is between reality and a dream. The gypsy is shown as a roaming artist in a very unusual way for a woman in the late nineteenth century, free to travel the world and pursue her passions. The French translation of the title, The Sleeping Bohemian, emphasizes her status as an artist by showing her sleeping next to a mandolin.

In contrast to Rousseau’s other exotic works, the artist has substituted the desert’s drought conditions for the lush jungle vegetation. The woman appears to be asleep but has her eyes partially open as if she is in a trance, and there is a profound serenity and tranquility in this lovely, moon-washed countryside. Amidst slumber and consciousness, the human world and the animal kingdom, and art and nature, Rousseau successfully creates a complete equilibrium. 

We are not sure if the lion’s enigmatic presence is only a dream or if the beast somehow decided to avoid attacking the woman since she seems to belong in the desert.

The Snake Charmer

This is another one of the most famous Henri Rousseau paintings. According to legend, Rousseau was inspired to choose the subject for this painting after hearing her tales of her travels in India. Except for a pair of blazing eyes, the enigmatic charmer’s appearance was virtually identical to the surrounding snakes and other animals. 

The peculiar calm of the piece, which characterizes Rousseau’s paintings as a whole, appears especially suitable in this context, as if the flute’s music had put the entire world in a trance. In addition, the use of backlighting, vivid colors, and other formal aspects like the asymmetrical arrangement foreshadowed the surrealist RenĂ© Magritte’s work.

The Snake Charmer – Henri Julien Rousseau


Regardless of whether you’re a fan of art, you may still use gorgeous pieces of artwork to beautify your house. It is a fantastic way to bring color to your walls, elicit conversation, and tie your home’s design together. 

The Henri Rousseau paintings you can see above are your best choice if you want to give the walls of your living room or any other room some color and energy. So the next time you find yourself stranded, don’t hesitate to look for these amazing and lovely paintings.

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