10 Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera in 2022

The answer to the hassle of how to deliver your tools can be a 3 Point slinger for camera. Why? well, the trouble with cameras is that they may be heavy and cumbersome. Especially seasoned-stage DSLRs. The traditional strap that comes together with your digital camera has a few issues. Put on it around your neck, and also you appear to be a tourist. It also tends to swing about. And if you bend all the way down to trade a lens, then it’s far totally out of manipulation.

In case you sling it over one shoulder, it’s far greater control. However, it is also no longer easy to convey into motion rapidly. And there may be the hazard that it will slip off your shoulder. A digicam bag is probably the answer. But even a digital camera sling bag will slow your get right of entry to on your digicam.

The three-point slinger for digital cameras is probably the answer. As the name shows, a three-point slinger has 3 points of touch. besides, it’s now not quite that simple. paradoxically, most 3-point slings honestly only attach to the digital camera by one point. But they connect to your body in distinctive approaches.

So don’t head off into the wild blue yonder to take pics just but. Take a look at this assessment of three-factor digital camera straps first.

3 Point Slinger for Camera

What to Look For in a 3 Point Slinger for Camera

There are a number of things to think about before choosing a camera sling.

Its Camera, 3 point slinger for camera

The digital camera you use will be the primary and maximum crucial attention. A Canon EOS 1DX DSLR digicam will need a sturdy, greater significant digital camera sling. Smaller DSLR cameras or a mirrorless digicam, no longer a lot.

How to Use It with a Camera

most critical cameras have at the least different ways of connecting a strap. The authentic strap attachment points, generally at the “shoulders” of the digicam. And a tripod thread. A few would possibly have a further point. The battery grip on my Canon EOS 5D III has this little gizmo for attaching a strap. I take advantage of it for a hand grip. however, a digicam sling could work just as properly.

Amount of comfort, 3 point slinger for camera

One trouble with the neck strap that came along with your camera is comfort. A DSLR digicam is heavy. And that they did not often come with padded straps. All the 3-factor slinger for digital camera straps in this review have a huge, padded shoulder strap. that is vital. Particularly if your digicam is heavy or you’re leaving your digicam bag at home.

The Security Level

I once examined a camera sling. It attaches to the tripod mount with an easy screw-in attachment. My remarks to the designer become the following. It became too clean for that becoming to return unfastened within the path of a protracted day’s taking pictures. Probabilities are you wouldn’t know. until numerous thousand bucks really worth of steel and glass crashed to the floor.

So check how the sling is attached and what the safety capabilities are. I really like height design straps. They have an inform-story built into their anchors. The anchor is a tough, -layer construction. If wear-and-tear erodes the outer layer, the internal is a brilliant pink color to alert you to the threat.


Continually attempt to devise ahead. So test if the sling strap can be tailored to take more lenses. See if it is able to hold a 2nd digital camera. Test if it suits each tall and brief people. you will in all likelihood use it in addition to your camera bag. So that you need to check that they won’t intervene with each different.

Which 3-Point Slinger for Camera is Best?

This review takes a generous view of what a three-factor slinger for digicam is. I will examine some of the extraordinary types of digicam straps and harnesses. The prices vary from much less than $20 to over $one hundred. So you’ll need to set your budget carefully as nicely. The overview begins with the cheapest and actions to the maximum steeply-priced.


The PiuQ attaches to the tripod screw on the base of your digital camera. The screw-in eyelet has a rubber base to shield your digital camera frame. The strap length adjusts as much as 21.5″ (fifty-five cm). It attaches to the eyelet with a lockable carabiner. An under-arm strap stabilizes the thick, padded shoulder strap. The scratch protection is a pleasant contact. And the shoulder pad is difficult-carrying.

My anxiety is the dearth of any protection strap. If the one and only connection comes undone, you then and your budget additionally come undone. you need to take away the eyelet to apply a tripod. This also reduces the capability. however, The PiuQ may be very reasonably-priced.

Ocim, 3 point slinger for camera

The Ocim three-point slinger for camera is a touch more steeply priced. It is nearly equal to the PiuQ. however, it has one vital improvement. A protection strap attaches to the camera body and the slinger’s strap. This offers an exceptional deal of reassurance.

On the digital camera cease, it attaches to a strap eyelet. And at the sling, there’s a robust metallic locking carabiner. An underarm strap stabilizes the padded shoulder strap. The adjustable straps have locking mechanisms. This prevents the camera from sliding around.


A tiny nudge up in price brings similar refinement. The Waka digital camera strap has a small storage pocket in the wide padded shoulder strap. It’s huge and sufficient for a lens cleansing material or spare reminiscence cards. The adjustable straps connect to a plate at the digicam give up. that is the second improvement.

The plate screws into the tripod mount. however, it has its very own tripod screw socket. So there’s no want to take away the sling or its mount to use your tripod. you can even go away your short launch plate. The Waka additionally has a safety strap. on the poor side, the clip to attach the strap to the digicam is not a locking carabiner.

Altura, 3 point slinger for camera

The Altura 3 point slinger for camera is another product that offers you a zipped pocket within the shoulder pad. It’s now not massive. however, you may suit some spare batteries in there.

It has a massive rubber-subsidized plate for attaching to the tripod screw. there is also a protection strap for peace of mind. There is a great range of adjustments. wherein the Altura is missing is that the attachment to the camera isn’t a locking carabiner.

3 Point Slinger for Camera


The sector of the 3-point slinger for camera has all been very mundane and grey so far. but the united states of america equipment TrueSHOT throws a few colors into the combination. It additionally gets lots of things right. The fixing plate offers a tripod thread. so that you can leave it on and nonetheless use your tripod. It has a stabilizing underarm strap. The sling attaches with a lockable carabiner. There are even two pockets. One for reminiscence cards and an expanding one for different accessories.

The simplest element I don’t like is that there is no short launch for the protection strap. This looks as if a disappointing oversight. on the plus aspect, it’s far designed to allow slings to be related collectively. so that you can carry two cameras. Or perhaps your spare lens on the other sling.

Foto&Tech, 3 point slinger for camera

The Foto&Tech 3-point slinger for camera offers no surprises. It is going to be robust enough for your digicam with a claimed score of 660 lbs (three hundred kg). The safety strap connects with a lockable carabiner that attaches to the strap. this is reassuring.

The drawback, the digital camera attachment is an easy screw-in eyelet. so you should get rid of it to use a tripod. And the strap connects to it with a snap hook. there’s no locking carabiner right here. There’s no pocket, however, there’s a clip for a pen. this could be useful. I assume this just doesn’t quite make the mark.


The JJC 3-point slinger for camera has one very attractive feature. It has a maximum of the things we’ve got come to expect. there is a safety leash secured with a lockable carabiner. It has a padded strap at the shoulder and a beneath-arm stabilizing strap.

but the noteworthy addition is the digital camera plate. The strap attaches to the digital camera with an Arca Swiss brief-release tripod plate. this is the maximum famous tripod plate machine used by many producers. So when you have an Arca Swiss like-minded tripod, this is attention. The handiest pity is that this plate attaches to the strap with a snap hook, no longer a locking carabiner.

Original, 3 point slinger for camera

The BlackRapid Original 3-point slinger for camera is more than twice the price of any cross-shoulder strap we’ve looked at so far. There’s nothing obvious to justify that extra fee. a few customers file that BlackRapid contributed to the restore fee when a harness failed and damaged their DSLR.

it’s a far product of first-rate substances. The locking carabiner has a plate to save you too much disturbing movement. And the shoulder padding is breathable and durable. but there’s no safety leash, and the screw-in eyelet has to be removed to apply a tripod. against that, you need to balance the blessings of buying an acknowledged emblem with a stable reputation.

Skout G2 Cotton Carrier

The Cotton Carrier Skout takes a slightly different approach to the 3-point slinger for camera. It doesn’t let the digital camera hold on to a strap near your hips. rather, you clip your digital camera to a padded chest piece.

This chest piece has a slot that accepts the base plate installed in your digital camera. the bottom plate itself is securely bolted to the tripod thread with a hexagonal bolt. You clearly twist and slide the digital camera off the chest piece to take a picture. there’s also a security strap, even though the digicam locks into function on the chest pad.

There are some neat touches to the Cotton service machine. They promote all manner of fixings, so you can use the same harness to carry your drone or binoculars. there may be a lens pouch. And the base plate has a tripod thread. They even promote a short-release tripod mount for their base plate. however in addition they make different sporting alternatives. using the identical base plate, you could attach your digicam to a waist sling. It’s an imaginative, however now not cheap, solution.

Black,3 Point Slinger for Camera

We’ve already visible that you could pair the usa gear TrueSHOT digital camera shoulder strap with a 2nd one to hold cameras. BlackRapid additionally provides this hybrid camera sling. The Hybrid allows you to hold two cameras at an identical sling. One every aspect of your body.

The benefit of this over the united states tools answer is that it feels less like a harness. It additionally method you could nevertheless bring your digital camera bag over the opposite shoulder. The Hybrid is largely the equal system as the BlackRapid authentic reviewed above. On some shoots, you may even leave your conventional camera bag at domestic. you may position the DSLR digicam on one sling and a spare lens on the other.

3 Point Slinger for Camera

Conclusion, 3 point slinger for camera

There are so many elements to consider while searching at methods of wearing your digital camera and digital camera equipment. in particular, if you have a complete-frame DSLR digicam and lenses. they’re heavy in case you carry them on the furnished neck strap. And digicam bags may be cumbersome. One hassle with digicam bags is the temptation to just upload that next issue. And all the ones next-matters can upload as much as lots of greater weight. One answer is to use a digital camera sling bag. those have a tendency to be smaller, so you can’t add a lot of needless junk. but every other is to select a three-point slinger for camera like one of the ones I’ve reviewed.

if you are in good finances, then the usa gear TrueSHOT seems to have all the essential features. For an inexpensive charge, you get comfort and convenience. you may still use your tripod and the locking system is secure.

The three-point slinger for the digital camera which has inspired me maximum is the Cotton service Skout G2. It has all the plus factors and notably extra flexibility than the others. It’s now not a reasonably-priced solution, however, it offers options and answers for an extensive variety of situations.

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