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Anupama 12th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama Star Plus television series is a television show. The first episode of the show was released in February 2015. The story of Anupama is about a young girl named Kavya who gets married. It’s about the rituals of the Mehendi ceremony and her fight with Vanraj.

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Anupama written update

Anupama’s relationship with Kavya

In an upcoming twist, Anupama might rebuke Vanraj for his relationship with Kavya. This will likely happen because Anupama is already aware of Kavya and Vanraj’s love affair. However, it is unclear why she will rebuke Vanraj. Even though she has already learned about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair, she may still rebuke him in the name of saving her mother.

Kavya’s behavior is out of control and causing trouble in the bedroom. As Anupamaa tries to console her, she remembers the time when she lost control of herself after Vanraj’s affair. Vanraj tries to taunt Anupama for hugging Kavya, but she tells him that leaving Kavya would be inhumane.

The plot of Anupama is quite interesting. At one point, Vanraj and Kavya get into an argument, and Kavya gets upset. She threatens to file a domestic violence case against Vanraj, but Anupamaa tries to stop her. She pretends to be filing the case on Kavya’s behalf and then hangs up. Vanraj is left angry, so he decides to dial 100 on his phone.

The next episode of the serial will reveal Anupama’s recent misbehavior. In a previous episode, she was seen hiding Bapuji’s medical reports. Devika, however, asks about them, and a gift box falls on Bapuji’s medical report.

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Next episode in Anupama’s relationship

The next episode in Anupama’s relationship with Kaviya begins with Malvika making a demand for marriage. Malvika has been adamantly against the marriage, but she is unable to resist Malvika’s demand. She also asks Malvika if Anupama is wrong.

Anupama is hesitant to reveal the relationship between Kavya and Vanraj. Although she warned Kavya about the relationship, she is disinterested in helping Vanraj. Nevertheless, Kavya persists in pursuing marriage with Vanraj.

The next episode of Anupama will reveal the true nature of Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj is a jealous man who tries to use Anupama’s friendship against her. Kavya’s relationship with Vanraj will cause a rift between the two men.

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Anupama’s Mehendi rituals

The Mehendi rituals are an integral part of the marriage ceremony. Kavya, Anupama’s aunt, is the one who performs the rituals. Before Vanraj, Kavya makes an audacious demand. It leaves everyone in a state of confusion.

Women have a distinct talent for creating intricate designs for Mehendi. She also creates elaborate designs for special events. She is part of a community of Indian women in Louisville, Kentucky. These women meet regularly to sing and play music and carry on the traditions. A recent picture of Anupama and Anuj in their Mehendi outfits was shared on social media, where it received a lot of attention from fans.

Anupama written update

Kavya is also part of the Mehendi rituals but does not apply the mehndi on Kavya’s hand. This leaves her confused and disappointed. Kavya later tells Anupama that she did not apply mehndi on her hand and that the Mehendi rituals are just like new relationships, where the slightest distraction can ruin them.

Mika Singh also appears at the Mehendi ceremony. He sings a popular song everyone loves, “Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag.” Vanraj comes to the party to give his bride a gift and the Shah family is shocked. The Shah family is not pleased with this behavior, and Anuj is furious and tries to confront Anupama.

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The Mehendi ceremony, Anupama written update

The Mehendi ceremony is a very special ceremony for the bride. This is the most important event in the bride’s life. The Anupama team has the perfect talent to give her the best possible Mehendi. The team also has a team of mehndi artists who will stay until the Mehendi rituals are complete.

The Shah family dresses in purple for the Mehendi and sangeet. Vanraj and Anupama have a rocky start, but they manage to settle their differences and move on. Anupama tries to convince Vanraj to stay with her, but Vanraj believes that she is being too emotional. He decides to propose again, despite her protestations.

Kavya has also started her Mehendi rituals. She insists on putting Vanraj’s name on Anupama’s hand. Kavya, who has a crush on her, is jealous of her sister. She plans to ruin the Mehendi ceremony. Kavya and Nandini watch the entire incident, and Nandini decides to wipe off Kavya’s Mehendi. When the Mehendi is ruined, Kavya is furious, which upsets Anupama.

The Anupama series has become one of the most popular shows on the Star Plus network. The show stars Rupali Ganguly as a strong, devoted woman. She has worked unfulfilled for years, but her strong spirit and determination make her a standout character.

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Anupama’s fight with Vanraj

In the written update, Anupama says that Vanraj has betrayed her and she can’t forgive him. Vanraj’s haughty attitude and the way he teased and abused her are recollected by Anupama. She also explains how Vanraj made her feel emotionally blackmailed.

Vanraj asks Anupama to leave. She is apologetic, but Anuj and Samar taunt her. She resigns from her job to be with her family. But before she does, she gets a letter from Nandini warning her about Samar and Rohan.

When Anupama finds the note, she’s shocked to find it in her cradle. After being stunned by it, Anuj tries to argue with her, but she is unable to convince him. She breaks down, thinking about her children. Anuj also accuses Anupama of protecting Vanraj and makes her cry. Barkha joins the fight and blames Anupama for ignoring Anuj.

Vanraj tries to reason with Anupama, but she insists on meeting her family. As an outcome, Anupama ends up blaming Leela, saying that she is the problem. Vanraj tries to make Anupama feel guilty, but she doesn’t stop. She then threatens to storm home with her five-page lecture and her sword.

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Next episode, Anupama written Update

In the next episode, Anupama and Anuj get back to normal. Anuj tries to justify his reaction to Vanraj’s reaction, but Anupama gets angry at him and tells him to get out of her house. Leela, meanwhile, continues to behave toxically towards Anupama.

Vanraj tries to convince Anupama to stop her from interfering with Kinjal. Anupama, however, tells her not to be so interfering. She also warns Anupama against interfering between Arya and Kinjal and warns her not to destroy Kinjal.

Anupama explains that her mother’s role is to take care of the children. She assures Leela that she will always be her mother and that she is never at fault. She also explains to Anuj that she has to get back to work to make up for her mistakes.

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