Clear Plastic Bags

Clear Plastic Bags

Clear Plastic Bags

Clear plastic bags are a popular option for many applications. These bags provide visibility, so consumers can see what is inside and are often used for promotional purposes. Although the amount of these bags has been reducing because of environmental concerns, the plastic bag still remains a popular choice for promotional, display, and other applications that require visibility. Luckily, there are some manufacturers that are now producing biodegradable clear bags that are composed of plant-based materials.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic bags are a versatile choice for packaging. The material has superior clarity and flexibility than higher-density polyethylene. However, LDPE is not as strong as HDPE, so it’s best used for packaging that needs to be easily opened.


Acrylics are a form of plastic that can be produced in various colors and shapes. Acrylic sheets are most often sold using the Rohm & Haas color number system. They can be used as faceplates, backplates, spacers, and in the sign industry. Acrylics are also commonly used in tanning beds, and they help separate the occupant from the ultraviolet light from the tanning bulbs.

Polyester resins

There are two types of polyester resins: saturated and unsaturated. The former is thermally processed and includes additives. The latter is produced from saturated aliphatic dicarboxylic acids or di or trifunctional alcohols. Both types have similar properties, but they differ in their ability to withstand oxidizing agents. The former is less brittle but is more resistant to heat and acid corrosion.

Gusseted polythene

Gusseted poly bags are an excellent solution for bulky items. These bags are characterized by a flat bottom and side gusset, which allows them to expand and hold larger items. International Plastics stocks a large inventory of gusseted poly bags in various sizes. Gusseted bags are commonly used in restaurants, bakeries, and commercial kitchens, where the bottom gusset gives more room for bulky items.

Side weld polythene

Side weld polythene bags are an inexpensive, durable, and versatile packaging solution. The sealed side of the bags is ideal for packaging lightweight materials, such as greeting cards or envelopes. These bags are also ideal for containing frozen peas for pain relief.

Flat polythene

Clear plastic bags are a popular packaging material. Made of low-density polythene with an open top, these bags have a variety of uses. They can be heat-sealed or secured with a bag tie. Most clear polythene bags are used for parts, small parts, kitting supplies, and other packaging needs.

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