Home security systems: Should you DIY or hire a pro?

Home security systems: Should you DIY or hire a pro?

Home security systems: Should you DIY or hire a pro?

It’s no secret that almost everyone wants to ensure the safety of their home and family. But
choosing a home security system can be an intimidating task. That is if you are not ready.
Understanding more different systems, their features and technologies, and other factors will
help you make a wise choice when the time comes to buy a security system. Moreover, learning
the basics will likely save you a lot of money, trouble, and headaches.
You won’t buy a home security system without doing some research first because there’s so much
to it. And more recently, several companies have revolutionized the market, resulting in
affordable prices, easy DIY installation, and plenty of features. However, despite the ease, some
people prefer trusting the pros. Following this, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Cox
is are offering specialized home security services. Cox homelife, for instance, offers security
cameras, video recording, and playbacks, as well as an app that acts as a control panel.
However, the growing variety of security systems and providers makes you wonder whether
getting professional help or just doing things yourself is better. This article aims to help you
make the right decision in that regard.
What does DIY home security installation mean?
A do-it-yourself home security system is a good option for those who do not want to install a
system at home. This makes it easy to remove without damage. DIY alarm systems are also great
for tech-savvy people who want the freedom and flexibility to build their surveillance systems.
With so many DIY security systems available, deciding which one is right for your home can be
a challenge.
What does professional home security installation mean?
Most likely, the average person has no idea how to pick and install a security system suitable for
their home and family. If you do not have sufficient experience with security systems and their
design, you probably have no idea how to choose a system that will meet all your needs and keep
your home and family safe.

On the other hand, a professional with extensive experience with all kinds of homes will be able
to design and install professionally installed home security systems. They will work with you to
meet your unique home security needs, discuss additional protection options, and help you cut
down on the stuff you do not need to keep your budget down.
While both options may seem doable, there are several factors that you will have to consider
before choosing which route to take:

  1. Price
    When it comes to home security kits, you can find them at different prices. Wireless sets are
    becoming more and more popular. Many of them are available for less than a thousand dollars.
    Some of them are even less than a few hundred dollars.
    With systems installed by professionals, you pay more. It should be borne in mind that you pay
    not only the cost of the system but also the labor costs for its installation.
    If you are not comfortable installing the system yourself, or if you don’t have the time, the
    additional installation costs may be justified.
    When it comes to home security systems, remember that price should never be the only factor to
    consider. You have to think both about how the system works and about the quality of the brand.
    This will be pertinent for your family’s safety.
  2. Expertise
    Advances in wireless home security have largely eliminated the need to run cables through the
    home to connect devices to the base station, making do-it-yourself installation a viable
    alternative. Sure, it’s better than having no home security system at all, but for most, the thought
    of having their cousin install a security system and protect their system on a weekend seems kind
    of sketchy.
    A professional home security installer, on the other hand, can spot security flaws that the average
    person might not notice. At the same time, not everyone is aware of the myriad home automation
    options or other advanced security features that help turn a simple perimeter security system into

a comprehensive home surveillance system that allows homeowners to feel secure at any time of
the day or night.

  1. Ease of installation
    A true do-it-yourself system will allow you to assemble your kit before you even buy it. You can
    add certain devices to the cart directly on the site or choose them by phone with the seller. While
    you can sometimes pay for extra help, you’re pretty much on your own with the setup, but the
    devices are generally pretty easy to set up given the target audience is average customers.
    If looking for ease and trifling with your own surveillance system isn’t for you, professional
    systems offer something more convenient. They are supplied as ready-to-use kits, often offered
    in tiers. A three-pronged approach is common, starting with basic systems that provide you with
    devices such as alarms, sensors for doors and windows, and keypads. High-end kits add bells and
    whistles like smart cameras and connected locks.
    Bottom Line
    As you can see, both DIY and professional installation have their pros and cons. When
    considering the various systems available, consider the quality, the protection they provide, and
    the price, as well as your installation skills. It becomes easier to make a decision. Most
    importantly, take the time to keep your family, home, and property safe.

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